Zerona Laser | Blasting Fat, FDA Approved

Fire away at your fat cells, you fatheads

This cat is NOT eligible for Zerona laser liposuction, but perhaps it should be. (Photo:

This cat is NOT eligible for Zerona laser liposuction, but perhaps it should be. (Photo:

I am one of those individuals who might benefit from liposuction, but I’ve managed fine without it so far. The primary reason I haven’t submitted to the sucking is not because I value diet and exercise over unnecessary medical procedures (I try, but one look at me and you’ll know I’m not a Slim Fast user) , but because it costs a great deal of money that I don’t have and my insurance won’t cover… when I’ve had insurance, that is. The same financial stumbling block has kept me from getting Lasik surgery, too.

Why don’t I take out payday loans with no fax, you ask?

It’s definitely a legitimate way to bridge the gap between paychecks in the event of emergency surgery (Let’s just imagine, shall we?) But when you’re talking about Zerona laser treatment – which amounts to laser liposuction – you’re talking around $3,000 in cost. It’s a luxury, no doubt, but a luxury of which many will partake. Considering that the FDA has declared the treatment safe, I’d say that’s as much a green light as anything.

The Zerona laser punctures fat cells, painlessly

It’s popping up all over the news, and the news is that the Zerona laser isn’t even felt on the skin. Dr. Randy Shoup, one of the first physicians to obtain a Zerona laser in Indiana, tested it on a staff member. The light shined on the woman’s abdomen, an area where she was hoping to lose “a few inches.” Dr. Shoup claimed there was no risk of burning the patient, even though the Zerona laser focuses on a problem area for 20 minutes before being moved to another fatty spot.

“There’s no heat, there’s no pain, there’s no nothing, you can’t feel anything,” Shoup told local media. His patient agreed.

Why doesn’t the Zerona laser burn the skin?

A better question might be why isn’t it even felt on the skin? The short answer is that the wavelength of light used for the Zerona laser is a wavelength that has been proven to be the least absorbed by the skin layer. It is more likely to interact with tissues beneath the skin, such as fat. A key element of the treatment is that the patient takes niacin in order to help oxidize fats and relax the blood vessels so that fats can be more easily absorbed and redistributed. Patients also drink lots of water and wear compression garments to help the redistribution.

“That absorption puts little holes in the fat cells,” said Shoup. “And those holes then leak out the fat, which her lymphatic system metabolizes away.” An accompanying massage helps this process.

Your dentist may be able to use the Zerona laser

It isn’t exclusive to physicians or plastic surgeons. For instance, Dr. Shoup is a dentist; it just so happens that he’s trained in the Zerona laser’s use.

“I know how the lasers work and am certified to use the laser,” he said.

How long does Zerona laser treatment take?

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Depending upon how much a patient wants done, Zerona laser treatment takes around six sessions. Results have been impressive according to Shoup. He claims his patients have seen losses of three to nine inches, which would definitely make me happy. I’ll save my pennies and perhaps consider payday loans with no fax… but I’ll probably go for Lasik first.

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