YouCut blends social networking and government finance


YouCut won't put the scissors in your hands, but will take your input on the cutting. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

A new project has been launched called YouCut.  The idea is to alert voters to some of the spending cuts before Congress and get them to sound off about them. The originator of the project is House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va).  The website highlights spending items and allows people to vote online or use their cell phones and say what they think should be done. Financial reform is a big issue, as the government may be be running for some huge installment loans to keep up before long.

YouCut lets you sound off

When the government spends more than it earns, it is troublesome to many people, including Rep. Eric Cantor. So, he’s come up with YouCut, in which the public, or at least the public on the internet (Luddites are out of luck), can vote on which items they think deserve the axe the most. Five new spending cuts will be offered every week, and you can decide which ones are the most egregious. Eric Cantor is, after all, the House Minority Whip, and he is lending the public his ear regarding what they want cut from the budget.

So how do I vote?

To vote, simply visit the YouCut website, part of Eric Cantor’s Republican Whip website . You can vote online or text your vote in.  There will be five choices, or rather, five spending cuts that the House is considering. You choose which of the 5 you think should be made. Currently on the menu are cuts to the Presidential Election Fund, taxpayer subsidies for federal employee union activities, Housing and Urban Development research grants, a non-reformed welfare program and eliminating Community Development and Block Grants to wealthy communities.

Really not a bad idea

One of the great things about the internet is it allows people to communicate with others and voice their opinions. One of the horrible things about the internet is it allows people to communicate with others and voice their opinions.  Currently, government spending is a hot issue, and it should be. It’s getting out of hand. According to a recent article from Reuters, the government has posted a deficit for the past 19 months in a row.