Why Does Google Have a Barcode and is 666 Involved?

And is That Google Barcode Logo the Mark of the Beast?

A lovely Google barcode logo, with their colors. (Photo: symblogogy.com)

A lovely Google barcode logo, with their colors. (Photo: symblogogy.com)

Seriously. I think it’s ridiculous, but hear me out. If I’m wrong, I’ll abscond with the nearest hovercraft and head for the hills. I’d consider it a short term loan, temporary self preservation for the temporary loss of a whooshing air car.

There’s a Google Barcode Logo Today

The reason it’s there is because Google is celebrating the 57th anniversary of the first patent on the bar code. Norman Woodland and Bernard Silver filed the first barcode patent in October of 1949, No. 2,612,994. It was a major landmark on the road to the digital age and has become an essential, uniform part of modern life. Imagine how many membership cards and products use barcodes in order to be identified by scanners. The American technocracy depends upon them.

Is There a 666 Hidden in UPC Barcodes?

And if there is, should we rip our garments and engage the hovercrafts?

No. Go directly to jail, do not look back, do not turn into a pillar of salt. You are buying into a popular myth. According to Dial The Truth Ministries (yes, the name makes me itch, too), the technical truth is that the number 666 does not appear in the numbering system used for UPC codes.  According to a computer, a UPC bar code consists of seven units, like 1010000 (which happens to be the number six, by the way).  Check out their Web site and understand for yourself why 666 cannot appear.

But it’s the Mark of the Beast, Isn’t It?

Kirk Cameron said it, so it must be true. But seriously, some people are concerned about this. People who claim the idea that 666, the mark of the beast and barcodes are linked tend to point back toward “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible” and the word charagma. Strong defines it as “a scratch or etching, i.e. stamp (as a badge of servitude) or graven mark.” The root of the word, charax, is considered to be “a stake, i.e. (by impl.) a palisade or rampant (military mound for circumvallation in a siege).” Specifically, a charax is a trench.

Now let’s see how the 1828 Webster’s Dictionary defines palisade. It refers to them as “a row of stakes or posts” in the ground, like towers. Sound like a barcode with the number 666 to you, or are we parting the Red Sea?

Miraculously, People Devote Brain Cells to This

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I think they should confront their real issues. Good health insurance is hard to come by, and if they need a short term loan or two to be able to afford counseling, I say they should use them to make manifest their good works of less paranoia and delusion in the world. Many people assume that Google is a great force that monitors everything they do (and in some cases, every thought that they have). But let’s just keep that under our tin foils hats, OK? The Google barcode logo celebrates technological innovation, not a horned being, or even a horny being. If the lines were curved rather than straight, then maybe you’d have something…

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