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Wendy Touton (Photo: Facebook.com)

A few months ago, the divorce trial of George David and Marie Douglas David began. I voiced my opinion regarding the proceedings, and rankled at least one reader who took it upon herself to call me a “sexist jerk.” Well “sheri,” I dedicate this update to you.

One is a business mogul, the other a Swedish countess. If you don’t recall, these are two people whose lifestyles demand nothing but the most exorbitant of expenses. Yes, these two impetuous children are scoffing at dollar figures that the average person cannot comprehend. So $50 million is not an acceptable divorce settlement? You cannot be serious, Ms. Douglas! Will you require unsecured loans or cash advances if you accept anything less? Hardly.

Now throw in a potential mistress by the name of Wendy Touton, and the burners are back on high as George David takes the stand.

A pittance, I say!

Mike Celizic reports straight from the AP wire for TODAYShow.com that George David, 67, is older but none the wiser. Marie Douglas David is 37 and still in the prime of her life, so I suppose it’s understandable that she’s seeking some security upon which to build her future endeavors. However, it’s the scale here that boggles the mind and makes this woman seem like a shrew. She’s already been offered, what $44 to $50 million in a settlement, but she CAN’T live off that?

She wants what’s coming to her

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As these things often are, the deterioration of the marriage between these spoiled rich folk is a “he said, she said” affair. George says Marie was “bossy and imperious” (like a… countess?). He even claims the Swedish countess forced marital relations on him (a distressing claim, yet one that also could have been entertaining to see, among adults). Marie Douglas David, however, may have an ace in the hole now. She claims that her United Technologies CEO husband was cozying up to Wendy Touton. Apparently receipts for a $13,000 fur coat and a $10,000 pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes back her up.

But there was this postnuptial agreement…

In 2005, which was three years after their marriage, Marie Douglas David agreed to a postnuptial agreement that spelled out exactly what she’d get if the marriage were to be dissolved: that’s “$43 million in stock, hedge fund shares, jewelry, and properties in Sweden worth $4 million,” writes Celizic. However, the countess claims that agreement is magically voided because there was a brief period of reconciliation after their initial separation. She also claims she was tricked into signing the document. Was that before or after she made David scream the “safe” word multiple times?

Speaking of getting into the safe…

George David is worth a cool $300 million. All that Douglas David wants is $99 million of that, because “nothing else can support her lifestyle,” she claims. Spare the caviar and spoil the countess with the diamond-encrusted bra, I suppose.

As many have marveled at already, we know that Marie’s needs are legion. Court papers indicate $53,000 a week for “bills” (including $8,000 for travel; $4,000-plus for clothes; $1,500 for eating out; $1,000 for hair and skin care; and $600 for fresh flowers for the Park Avenue penthouse). Anything less would be uncivilized.

Money for Wendy and the chicks for free

The unhappy couple (Photo: Patrick McMullen | New York Magazine)

Did I say free? I meant that only in the most Dire Straits-y sense of the word. David spent a great deal of money on Wendy Touton. In addition to the gifts already mentioned (and there were others), George David took her to Argentina, Paris, Frankfurt, Sardinia and St. Tropez, France. Marie Douglas-David’s lawyers claim that Marie was kept in the dark about all of this, even while she was attempting to reconcile with David.

Jag alskar dig, my pumpkin

That’s how Douglas-David addressed estranged hubby George in a November 11, 2007 E-mail. That means “I love you” in Swedish. She went on to say

I know you think the odds are low but I wish you would give us another chance of being happy with the very strong love and bond I still hope that we have between us. We can be an amazing couple.

I’m not saying they didn’t get their hair mussed

Feelings have been hurt here, to say the least. Conduct on at least Mr. David’s part has been less than exemplary. But the “I’m angry” platform shouldn’t entitle you to double what you’d signed for in a legal document, countess. You need more stuff, finance it with unsecured loans and cash advances.

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