Walgreens Flu Shots | Help for Unemployed, Uninsured

Avoid the flu during your job hunt with help from Walgreens and CVS

Your inoculation is complete. Here is your "I vaccinated!" sticker, citizen. (Photo: flickr.com)

Your inoculation is complete. Here is your “I vaccinated!” sticker, citizen. (Photo: flickr.com)

There are many people who believe that it’s a good idea to get a flu shot each season in order to avoid onset of the annoying illness. I personally do not subscribe to this idea (see the video below for an idea of what I think about it), but even I recognize that groups like young children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions can benefit from vaccines. Now that Walgreens flu shots are going to be free for the unemployed and uninsured, it seems that more people than ever will be in position to partake of the helpful (harmful?) flu shots before cold weather sets in. For lenders of fast cash loans, greater health will mean more people will be active and in need of money to keep their lifestyles going strong.

Walgreens and CVS will offer millions of dollars of seasonal shots

Walgreens flu shots and more will be available to many thousands of people, according to Newsday. Walgreens will give out $1 million in shots to the uninsured through its 7,000 U.S. stores and clinics. Companies that care will provide consumers with 100,000 free shots. That has a street value of about $3 million (actually, no… but if a black market begins for flu shots, perhaps).

Job seekers need to stay on top of their game

That’s who the Walgreens flu shots are primarily geared toward. By their own records, CVS claims that only 34 percent of job seekers received a shot last year. Compare this with the overall 49 percent of the total population (also a CVS estimate) that was seeking employment and you’ll see that more people need to get their RDA of mercury!

Job seekers are among the least likely to get flu shots, with 34 percent of them receiving shots last year, compared with 49 percent of the overall population, according to a CVS study.

Seasonal vaccine won’t stop swine flu

Walgreens flu shots won’t protect you against H1N1 virus, so don’t go in there hoping for your free dosage. The government is more than willing to help you with that one. If you don’t comply, say hello to the Rex84 plan. Get ready for that excitement this fall… perhaps.

Other consumers can partake if they wish

CVS and Walgreens flu shots will be available to everyone, but if you’re employed or insured, you’ll have to pay if your policy doesn’t cover. According to a Walgreens corporate statement, a nasal spray version of the seasonal formula is available now for $29.99 at Walgreens. If you are a fan of needles, you’ll only have to pay $24.99, which is hardly so much that you’ll need an fast cash loan. The stores will definitely need that money, as people are preparing for flu season early and the expected demand for the shots is great. Walgreens estimates 50 percent of all consumers will comply, says Newsday.

CVS is making flu shots an event

Because what could be more festive than indoctrination (oops, I mean inoculation). Beginning September 15, CVS will begin holding “flu shot clinic events” where trained professionals will administer the vaccine.

Wal-Mart and Rite Aid want in on the action

Not to be outdone, Wal-Mart will begin sticking random customers who wear overalls or pajamas (I kid; people volunteer) in mid-September. Rite Aid will begin offering seasonal flu shots within the next week.

Wither the swine flu?

Remember, these pharmacies won’t be offering free H1N1 shots. The Wichita Eagle reports at http://www.kansas.com/news/story/952424.html that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be circulating H1N1 vaccine this flu season. It’s currently under development and will be ready by mid-October or later.

While you’re waiting like a good citizen, the government recommends you get your regular flu shot. I can’t stress enough how much they recommend it. Get it, people? Fly your flags and swab those arms.

“The more people you get in a community who are immunized, the less likely the illness is to spread,” said Dr. Robert Kenagy of Wichita, Kansas.

Swine flu symptoms your government doesn’t want you to have

Like most any flu, swine flu is spread through coughs and sneezes from infected parties. If you have it, you most likely will have a 100-plus degree fever, aches and trouble breathing. If things get bad enough, you’ll also be relocated by groups that don’t fully identify themselves. But that last one won’t happen, will it?

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H1N1 tends to pose the greatest danger to young people and those with chronic respiratory conditions. Those with diabetes, heart disease and asthma are also at risk. Those who fight to maintain the citizenry’s right to an occasional fast cash loan may also be targets for the disease, although I could also be making that up. But it is definitely true that an fast cash loan can help you in a tight spot, flu or not. Click the button above to get started.

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