Vevo Jobs Up for Grabs, but Not For Long

Everyone’s looking for Vevo jobs

Looking to make a little more of this? Join the club.

Looking to make a little more of this? Join the club.

Google has long been on the short list of high-earning companies who still continue to reap huge profits during the recession. So it’s no surprise that whenever Google is involved in a new venture, many people get the same idea: “I want to work for them!”

Google’s latest project is Vevo, which will be an online music video service. Other heavy hitters such as Sony Music Entertainment are in on the project as well, making Vevo jobs some of the most coveted in the country, even though the company hasn’t even announce a release date for the new service.

How many Vevo jobs are available

Vevo President and CEO Rio Caraeff says the company is looking to hire about 35 people to do Vevo jobs. He says they’re hiring for positions including ad sales, engineering, accounting, music programming and others. He says they’ll be hiring for Vevo jobs for about the next six months.

I’m sure people will be falling all over themselves to get Vevo jobs, so you’ll have to be prepared to do whatever it takes. That might me taking out an online cash advance for a plane ticket or a new suit. Be careful, though, Vevo jobs are in very high demand, so don’t go through all the trouble unless you are extremely well qualified.

How is Vevo linked to Google?

The Vevo music video service will run on YouTube technology.  Google owns YouTube, so the service will have Google power behind it. Other stakeholders include Universal and Abu Dhabi Media Company, who reportedly bought somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 million worth of shares. The Christian Science Monitor recognizes why there is so much interest in the venture and it Vevo jobs:

Content, cash, battle-tested video technology, a record industry plagued by slumping sales – you can see the appeal of the Vevo project.

If you’re seriously thinking of requesting one of the Vevo jobs, I suggest getting started on the process right away. No doubt those 35 Vevo jobs will be snapped up in no time. Not only are there a lot of unemployed workers out there right now, I am sure a lot of people will be more than willing to leave their current jobs to take Vevo jobs.