Verizon iPhone release date | Are the rumors true?

Unlocked iPhone running the T-mobile network

Currently the only way to get an iPhone off the AT&T network is to "jailbreak" it. Image from Flickr.

Ever since its original release, non-AT&T cell phone users have been hoping for a Verizon iPhone release date. Though rumors have been running rampant for at least two years, an article in the Wall Street Journal sent stock markets and customers’ hearts thumping with a supposedly confirmed Verizon iPhone release date. According to the Wall Street Journal article, a Verizon iPhone release date could be as early as September or October. However, many are saying that this Verizon iPhone release date rumor is simply not true. Should you run out and get payday loans to cover the cost of your new gadget, or are all these rumors just that — unsubstantiated?

Verizon iPhone release date depends on  network

The Wall Street Journal report quotes several unnamed sources that are “close to Verizon” in saying that the Verizon iPhone release date will be in fall of this year. Apple is also suspected to be working on a thinner, faster iPhone. Both of these rumors are predicated on the idea that Apple is working on a CDMA wireless network chip for the iPhone.

Qualcomm has said it is designing a CDMA chip for Apple products that would work on the Verizon network, but the company tells CNN it would be “hard pressed” to launch that chip in 2010. No amount of easy cash loans can speed up the manufacturing process for a chip that has been in development for years. Even if Qualcomm has a functioning CDMA or multi-network chip, Apple would need to remanufacture the iPhone to handle the new chip manufacturer.

Verizon iPhone release date may be 2011

There are technology issues with the possibility of a Verizon iPhone release date, yes. On top of this, though, there is also the fact that even the Wall Street Journal article quotes that Apple “appears to be” working on a Verizon-compatible iPhone. It is no secret that Apple has been working on a CDMA chip for the iPhone, and is in fact working with Qualcomm on WCDMA multi-channel chip that would allow the phone to work across most cellular networks.

Just because Apple “appears to be working on” something and admitted to be working on does not make the Verizon iPhone relase date immenient. The best guess of most industry analysts and stock analysts is that the Verizon iPhone release date will most likely be sometime in 2011, depending on the type of chip they choose to use.


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