Valentine’s Day gift ideas, Proflowers codes and more

Marble statue of the impish love bandit, Cupid.

Even Cupid needs help with Valentine's Day gift ideas. (Photo Credit: CC BY/SomeDriftwood/Fotopedia)

Monday, Feb. 14, is Valentine’s Day. If you’re still searching for Valentine’s Day gift ideas, look no further. With a pinch of thoughtfulness, a sprinkle of practicality and a torrent of romance, you can find great Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her, from flowers to sweets and more. If you use your imagination, you won’t need to take out payday loans to finance your romantic shopping spree.

Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts

Aside from those with allergies, everyone loves chocolate. While it’s perfectly fine to buy a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates from See’s, does one better: Junior’s Cheesecake, a double-layered, heart-shaped triumph in chocolate mousse and ganache. The cheesecake is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea that will set you back $45, plus $8 for two-day shipping. It’s worth it for Valentine’s Day chocolate decadence at its best.

A home-cooked meal to melt the Valentine’s Day heart

A romantic gesture doesn’t have to cost a great deal of money. If you are looking to impress your significant other for less, a home-cooked meal served by candlelight is sure to please. Try some stuffed chicken, lasagna or pasta with cheese and sauce. A solid white wine goes with chicken, while red wine tends to go better with beef dishes. If you’re kitchen handicapped, certain high-end grocery stores and warehouse chains sell pre-cooked gourmet dishes. Simply fire up the microwave, gangster of love!

Out of the candy box ideas

If you’re looking for more out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day gift ideas, travel is always an exciting option. If money is no object, a romantic trip to Paris is très magnifique, but a weekend road trip to a cozy bed and breakfast is very nice as well.

For flowers, retailers like 1800Flowers and Proflowers have discount codes and coupons to reduce the cost of flower arrangements. even offers codes to save $20 or more. If you want something that will last longer than roses, try potted orchids from Lowe’s or Home Depot. For about $20, your partner will have a reminder of you while you’re off earning money to spend on him or her.

Valentine’s Day love poems

Even if you aren’t a poet, sentiments of great writers can convey your feelings. Shakespeare’s sonnets, especially Sonnet 116, are a good example, but Pablo Neruda (“If You Forget Me”) and e. e. cummings (“May I Feel, Said He”) work just as well.


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