Less Unemployment Benefits Good for Money Lenders

Less Unemployment Benefits Good for Money Lenders

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Unemployment Benefit Claims Decrease

The labor department in Washington reports that unemployment benefit claims have been decreasing since September. Money lenders will be happy at the recent turn of events, as it means that people who want to take out loans now have jobs with a regular income. Those who are looking to borrow money will now have the security of knowing that they can pay back the loan when it is due.

Labor Department Claims Founded

The labor department has been keeping a close watch on the number of unemployment benefit claims coming in each month, and have seen a steady decline in the figures over the past four months. Latest figures available indicate that claims for benefits fell to a seasonably adjusted figure of 432,000, the lowest it has been since 2008. Economists expected the figures to stay at 460,000, but have been proven wrong this time. It also indicates that there are more jobs available in the market now compared to last year. Unemployment benefit claims had risen to 674,000 back then, and looking at the current figures, one can only hope that the future remains positive.

Companies Want to Create More Jobs

Economic experts report that 40,000 jobs were created in December after 11,000 jobs were cut in Noevmber. If this encouraging trend continues, those who are unemployed may be able to look ahead to a great year, and it will only ensure that people no longer must rely on unemployment benefits or payday loans to make ends meet. Companies want to create more jobs locally, rather than just look elsewhere to get cheaper sources of labor. After people have been supporting these companies through the worst of times, they now need the companies to support them through job creation and stability.

What’s In It For Me?

If you have a job, you can look forward to receiving a regular paycheck, making your life easier. If necessary, you can also request a payday loan to meet your immediate requirements that you may have. While this situation may not change dramatically for most people over the next few months, there are still people who must wait for a while before finding a job. The job market may look upbeat in Washington, but the story is not the same in the rest of the country. There are millions of unemployed people who are still seeking their unemployment benefits, which are putting state assistance programs in jeopardy. The Obama administration estimates that nearly 4.9 million people are still receiving benefits across the country. Therefore, it can be safely assumed that the decrease in unemployment claims is limited to a particular region of the country.

Hopes for a Good Year

If companies across the country use the example set by Washington and create more jobs, there will soon be a great increase in many more jobs across the country. More people will be employed, as well as spending more money, perhaps wisely. Should they fall short of funds at any time, there is always a payday loan available to help out.

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