Counting nutrition differently with UK ProPoints

Weight Watchers makes changes to points in the UK. CC by slgckgc/Flickr

Tracking what you eat while on Weight Watchers is about to change again. In the United Kingdom, Weight Watchers is rolling out a new point system. Nutritional knowledge is changing, and Weight Watchers says this system follows these changes. The company calls this new system ProPoints in the United Kingdom. Even though Weight Watchers plans on releasing this system in the United States, it probably won’t be called ProPoints.

ProPoints system with Weight Watchers

A new point-counting system was started by Weight Watchers in the United Kingdom. The “point value” of food is evaluated all over again with ProPoints. Vegetables and fruits will, for the most part, be zero-point foods. There will be “treats” like alcohol and fast food allowed. The points will be worked into the system. Protein, carbs, fiber and fat, rather than just calories, will be considered in the new system.

Using Weight Watchers points

The point system has been a part of the “Momentum” Weight Watchers program for the last few years. Weight Watchers assigns “points”to  food items. Manufactured Weight Watchers food has pre-calculated points, and points can be calculated for just about any food. Those on the diet will watch what they eat. Points help Weight Watchers users limit the amount of calories they take in.

Getting into business with weight loss

The wight loss industry is worth billions of dollars. Taking care of weight is something people are more likely to consider if there is an easy answer. That is all anyone wants. Eating healthy while burning off more calories than you eat is the basic plan of Weight Watchers and some other diet plans. It is hard to maintain limiting what you eat, which is why “rebound” weight is often gained. Eating healthy and making simple lifestyle changes, though, equals maintainable weight loss. Something different works for everyone, but in the end it is whatever keeps you eating right — be it a new points system or switching to all whole grain foods.

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