TruuConfessions | A women’s forum for secrets and sanity

One young woman is whispering a secret to another woman. That's the basic concept of TruuConfessions.

TruuConfessions is the place where women share their secrets anonymously and find support and encouragement. (Photo: ThinkStock)

According to the website, TruuConfessions is the “anonymous best friend” who can offer women and moms kind words, encouragement and even a laugh or two. In essence, it is a microblogging platform that allows users to anonymously or identifiably post gripes, joys and other anecdotes when it simply isn’t possible or appropriate to say it directly to a loved one. “Go ahead and confess yourself. We won’t tell!” says TruuConfessions. And it’s free to use; payday loans aren’t needed to pay for the service with money now.

TruuConfessions is organized by section

  • Moms: Talk about kids and issues related to parenting. Maybe even scream about it.
  • Wives: Whether a wife wants to dish, complain or read the riot act over hubby, this is the place.
  • Brides: Discuss the wedding and wedding prep – or affairs, if that applies, and you need to practice your confession.
  • Single/dating: Advice and lots of resources without all the pay walls.
  • Body/diet: All the tips, and room to vent frustrations, that you’ll need.
  • Office: Got a beef with the boss, a glass ceiling or anything else work-related that’s eating you?

TruuConfessions is anonymous only AFTER you delete your browsing history

This is an excellent point that Long Island Press brings up in its recent blurb on TruuConfessions: Users may be anonymous to other users on TruuConfessions, but browsing history makes confessions retrievable for anyone with a tiny amount of browser savvy. Whether users are confessing at home, work or on another public computer, deleting browser history afterward is advisable.

A word on TruuConfessions guest articles

TruuConfessions features articles from a variety of guest contributors. One example is “TruuConfessions and Answers: 3 Reasons You Should NOT Spank Your Kids.” The author presents some common-sense reasons why children respond better to other disciplinary methods. This is very much in tune with what top experts today like Drs. Margot Sunderland and Lise Eliot and have to say about child brain chemistry and appropriate forms of discipline. In fact, Sunderland’s book “The Science of Parenting” talks extensively about the stress hormone cortisol, which can actually damage developing brains. Young children cannot regulate emotions the way adults do, and acts like spanking that stress the brain contribute to cortisol build up. The answer, as the TruuConfessions guest blogger suggests, is to be firm but loving, rather than violent.

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