Braking system failure prompts Prius recall

When it rains on Toyota, it pours

Last week, you no doubt heard that Toyota embarked on a vehicle recall that could approach five million cars. Stuck accelerator pedals lead to accidents, and the company was left with no choice. The Prius hybrid gasoline-electric car wasn’t on the list at the time, but it is now. The Prius recall has been made official, and this one has much to do with a braking problem that can also cause serious accidents. Plant workers in Japan may need payday loans as business curtails.

Loss of brakes on bumpy, slippery roads

Those are of course the exact kinds of roads where brakes are most necessary, so you can understand the gravity of Toyota’s Prius recall situation. Hundreds of complains have been lodged, according to CTV’s Canada AM. Among those in the United States, at least two involve crashes that led to injury, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Error… error… error… beeep

Rather than floor mats being an issue, the Prius recall appears to come down to a braking sensor that can malfunction if it receives a strong shock. That was reported by Kyodo News Service in Japan. The result of such a shock can be reduced braking power when the Prius driver attempts to slow down on a less than smooth road. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who owns several Prius hybrids, speculated to the Associated Press that it is a software issue.

A “very scary” problem

And I’m sure Wozniak isn’t the only Prius owner who feels that way. According to the AP, he was at an unrelated conference when he went on record with his Prius recall comments. What will Toyota and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration have to say about this? Owners shouldn’t wait to see. If you own a Prius, click here for the contact information. Your payday loans source reminds you that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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