Is It Time for an Overhaul of the Healthcare System?

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If this was what the Democrats intended to say, they have managed to come close by clinching a deal on healthcare reform. If the news is true, it will be a relief to a number of Americans struggling to meet the basic costs of healthcare. Some people must even take out personal loans to pay for their medical expenses, and it is still not clear whether this deal will reduce the costs of healthcare in any way. That the politicians have even agreed to come close to a deal is in itself a major accomplishment.

High Healthcare Costs

Current figures published in the New York Times (12/19/2009) state that there are 30 million Americans who hold no insurance of any kind. Other reports state that one in three adult Americans or a third of all adults are victims of hypertension, which can lead to heart related ailments. With the costs of healthcare showing no signs of coming down, many people are left with no other options but to use up their savings or look for personal loans. Many consider themselves lucky if they can find monetary assistance from these loans to meet the problems they are facing, but others are not so lucky. One group of patients with renal failures in California required dialysis, but had to forego treatment as the hospital pleaded its inability to treat the patients. To make matters worse, these people found no relief from the legal system as well. It was apparently their fault for being illegal citizens of the country.

Will This Bill Pass?

Perhaps not. The Democrats have declared their acceptance of the bill in spite of facing stiff resistance from the Republicans. The bill looks like it will gain some ground based on the theory that Democrats and Republicans hold an equal number of representatives that approve and oppose the bill. As things stand, however, it looks as though a stalemate may occur. Soothing words have come from President Obama who has declared this moment as a major step forward for the American people. The best part of this deal is that it looks to offer healthcare benefits to the 30 million Americans that are not insured.

Should We Be Happy?

Looking at the reports that are slowly emerging, it certainly looks like there is a reason to be happy. Millions of Americans who had to borrow money from personal loans to meet the many costs of healthcare will now look for some kind of relief in the future. This cannot be said to be true for other people who are living in the country without proper authentication. Others will face better times ahead once the bill has been passed. People looking to buy insurance will now have access to facilities even for pre-existing illnesses, while insurers will have to follow the guidelines set by the government about premiums that they can charge for the older generation. Some people will feel that enough has not been done and will be dependent on loans to take them through difficult times. At least a start has been made that will reduce overall costs and provide relief to a large number of people.

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