TigerText : Keeping Your Text Messages Private

TigerText could protect this text message

TigerText could protect that message. Image from Flickr.

TigerText does exactly what legions of Judge Judy litigants, wandering spouses (yes, Tiger Woods, that means you), and college kids would take out huge cash advance loans to be able to do – keep text messages truly private. As the company puts it on their website, they help you “cover your tracks”.  For the record, TigerText was named long before the golfer’s scandal, but you can bet he wishes he’d used the application, too.

TigerText keeps your text messages private

The concept of the TigerText App is simple – you set how long you want a text message to “live” and at the end of that time, the message gets deleted. If you would like to keep messages around for a week, you can. If you would prefer that a text message gets deleted as soon as you read it, TigerText can do that too. Rather than storing text messages on your cell phone provider’s server or cell phone handsets, TigerText runs a set of independent servers that completely erase the text messages when they are set to expire.

Both people need TigerText

Simply downloading the TigerText app onto your iPhone does not mean, though, that your text messages are safe. The coding of the program requires that both the sender and the recipient of the text have TigerText installed. Receipients who do not have TigerText installed must install the application, and then they can read whatever message you send for free. However, if they want to send their own self-destructing messages, they only have 15 free days before they have to pay. The pricing depends on the number of text messages sent each month, so some teenagers may end up having to take out overnight loans just to pay their phone bills.

TigerText for Blackberry and Android

Right now, TigerText is only available for the iPhone. This means if you’ve got a Blackberry or Android smartphone, TigerText isn’t going to be able to keep your messages off of Texts From Last Night. The company says they are working on versions for both of these smartphone operating systems. If your phone is a little less smart, well, then deleting your text messages is your own responsibility. Just remember that when a text message is sent over normal SMS systems, your phone company can store that message and retrieve it later, even if you delete it off your handset.

Know how much TigerText will do for you

Like every good cell phone application, TigerText does give you a few options. The date, time, and recipients of your text messages will be saved on your handset unless you select the “delete history” option. Any message sent through TigerText cannot be forwarded and cannot be saved – though anybody who really wants to save a message can always take a photo. It may not be perfect, but TigerText can certainly give you a hand next time you want to feel like you’re sending a Mission Impossible style message.