The Knot | Wedded bliss marries stock bliss

Wedding dresses

The Knot website discusses everything from venues to dresses. Image from Flickr.

The Knot is one of the web’s biggest wedding destinations. The Knot’s website and other media are all about The Big Day,  and today The Knot as a company is having a Big Day of its own. The Knot’s stock has been upgraded to a “buy” rating. So should you include purchase of The Knot stock as a part of your quick cash wedding plan? Maybe, maybe knot.

The Knot media company

The Knot is a publicly held media company. The Knot owns The Knot magazine and websit, which are targeted toward engaged couples and newlyweds. The Knot also owns The Nest, a sister brand that targets new parents. The company also owns Gift Registry 360, an online gift registry service. It is also working to produce The Knot TV, a TV station focused on engagement, weddings and new families.

The Knot financials

The financial reality of The Knot, like many weddings it features, is quite large. Advertising revenue alone brings in about $14.5 million every quarter. Operating expenses for the company are about $21.8 million per quarter. The gross profit margin is about 78.8 percent for The Knot. In short, The Knot is doing well – and its stock prices show it. In February of this year, The Knot stock experienced a drop in price from almost $10 a share to less than $7.50 a share. The price of The Knot currently sits at $8.28 per share.

The Knot ties itself up?

Of course, one would think that because The Knot has tied itself up in weddings and new families, it has limited itself as a media company. The reality, though, is that weddings are big business. The average wedding in America runs about $25,000 to $30,000. This is big money for many companies that want to target the market – so the market The Knot caters to can pull in big advertising dollars. At the same time, The Knot is expanding both the type and focus of its media offerings. Additionally, The Knot is trying to expand its focus to catch more of the low-budget, offbeat style weddings that are becoming more popular. No matter if you love or hate The Knot, as a company, it is definitely doing well in its chosen business.