On Taxes, the Tea Party and a real cure for tax day woes

I propose that fewer Tea Party tax protests would be so angry if we all had a few more of those. From Wikimedia commons

I propose that fewer Tea Party tax protests would be so angry if we all had a few more. (Image from Wikimedia commons)

My fellow Americans, it is tax time, and I note some of you are into this Tea Party thing, which has many people incensed against government and taxation.  Well, since Tax Day is passing and many of us are mailing painful checks to the IRS, I figured I’d let you all in on something I discovered about why so many people are angry about taxes.  You’d never guess this one, and I’m letting everyone in on it for free. You won’t need payday loans to rectify it either.

An odd correlation

Many Americans are stressed over taxes.  Some of us begin to wonder – do U.S. citizens give that much more in cash advances to our government? Actually, no – Americans pay some of the most reasonable taxes in the developed world.  Here are four tax categories and what Americans pay:

  • Corporate Tax: 15 to 39% Federal, 0 to 12% State
  • Income Tax: 0 to 35% Federal, 0 to 10.3% State
  • Value Added/Goods & Services/Sales Tax: 0 to 10.25% State and/or local
  • Payroll Tax: Up to 15.3% Federal

Consider the UK has income taxes of 40 to 50 percent, and a 23.8 percent payroll tax.  Denmark imposes an income tax of up to 59 percent of income. Sweden starts at almost 29 percent, and can go as high as almost 60 percent of income. It seems as though there aren’t the kind of tax protests there as here.


Well, for two reasons. One is that they may be OK with government providing services.  However, another statistic is far more telling:

They drink more and better beer than we do.

Oh yes, I went there. Average beer consumption per capita by Americans is 13th.  Almost every country in the ranking by beer consumption above us has higher taxes than us, and the average U.S. citizen puts away almost 82 L per year in beer. For instance:

  • Spain: Almost 2 liters more per year, and up to 7% more in income tax
  • Luxembourg: They pay almost 4% more, drink 3 L more
  • Finland: Drink over 3L more, pay up to 60% in federal and local tax
  • Denmark: Pays up to 14% more, drink 8 L more
  • Belgium: Income tax up to 50%, and they put 11 L more away
  • The UK: 50% income tax, they drink 17 L more per year
  • Germany: Up to 45% income tax, and a liver killing 115 L per year
  • Ireland: Income tax of up to 41% and they consume a pulverizing 131 L of beer every year.

Of the top 13 beer drinking nations, only Slovakia and the Czech Republic pay less income tax and drink more beer than us.

So what’s the point?

The point is that alcohol is a depressant.  You calm down.  Tea Party protests, do not seem calm.  (Granted, they aren’t violent – but very agitated.) Thus – I present the following argument:

  • First – that people who indulge in more beer, responsibly, are calmer
  • Second – that the majority of the countries that drink more beer than us pay more in taxes (10/12, in fact)
  • Third – that they protest these taxes less
  • Fourth – if drinking more beer leads to a more relaxed frame of mind, U.S. tax protests would happen less or with less vitriol if we as a nation started drinking more beer.

Remember, always indulge responsibly, legally and with a designated driver.