Taste of Chicago 2010 | Tasteful food and entertainment

Taste of Chicago 2010, held at Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.

(Photo from Peter Fuchs, Flickr.com)

Taste of Chicago is at again, bringing out the colorful, delectable tastes of Chicago, Ill., from people all over the world. Taste of Chicago 2010 will be June 25 through July 4, and it will be held at the city’s front yard, the beautiful Grant Park.

Taste of Chicago 2010 brings yet another tasteful experience

You won’t need quick cash loans to enjoy Taste of Chicago 2010. There is no admission fee, and tickets for food and beverage purchases are available at a very low price — 12 tickets for $8! Be sure to check out the food booths to find out what number of tickets is required for each food and beverage purchase. There are a ton of sample foods offered for only 2-4 tickets. Plus, you get free entertainment from popular musical performers like Salt-n-Pepa, Bel Biv Devoe, Trey Songz, Los Lobos, Los Lonely Boys, Emily Osment the Steve Miller Band, and so much more!

A small taste of Taste of Chicago 2010

Courtesy of ChicagoTraveler.com, here is a partial list of this year’s Taste of Chicago menu:

  • Chicago Italian beef sandwiches from Tuscany Restaurant, located in Little Italy in Chicago
  • Chicago pizza from Home Run Inn Pizza, Reggio’s Pizza, Bacino’s Pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizza, Connie’s Pizza and Doreen’s Pizza
  • A vast selection of sausages from Bobak Sausage Company
  • Delicious Mexican food from Adobo Grill, Carbon and La Justicia
  • Seafood lovers! – Grilled shrimp and lobster from Oak Street Beach Café
  • Mouthwatering dessert from Eli’s Cheesecake, JR Dessert Bakery, Churro Factory and Abundance Bakery

This is only a small portion of what Taste of Chicago has in store for you this year, as it continues to hold the number one spot for the largest food festival — in the world!

Taste of Chicago brings Unity in Diversity

Taste of Chicago 2010 is not just about food; it’s about bringing people of all walks of life together to learn from each other through remarkable cooking. The fact remains that the world revolves around food, and it has brought many people together, with unity in diversity. Food represents the shared flavors of life, love, and the long-lasting bond that unites the two. And through this bond and shared experiences, strong relationships flourish, intimacy develops and sweet memories form.