Taste of Colorado Brings New Life to Denver

Food, music and free admission at Taste of Colorado

Image from Picasa, from last year's Taste of Chicago.

Image from Picasa, from last year's Taste of Chicago.

Many large cities have food-centered festivals to bring in tourists and promote a sense of community among residents. This weekend the Taste of Colorado is being held in Civic Center Park in Denver. Colorado is not often thought of as a center for great cuisine, but more than 50 local restaurants will serve food at the Taste of Colorado.

The food is just the beginning, as Taste of Colorado, the state’s largest outdoor event, features six stages that will have musical acts and other entertainment. Taste of Colorado has an average attendance of 500,000 visitors each year.

There’s more at Taste of Colorado

Besides the food, which includes a fine dining area, there will also be 250 booths with wares from local artisan vendors. YourHub reports that there will also be “educational programs promoting the diverse cultural and Western heritage of the region.”

Thanks to the free admission, you won’t need a payday cash loan to spend the weekend at Taste of Colorado,  you just need enough money for food. The music and entertainment are free.

Taste of Colorado and Labor Day

The Taste of Colorado festival is held over labor day weekend each year and will continue through Monday. There is a whole slew of activities for kids, so keep your family busy over the long weekend. One of the stages at Taste of Colorado features nonstop entertainment for children, including theater productions, puppet shows, music and a workshop on learning to juggle.

Taste of Colorado features several different types of cuisine, including barbecue, cheesesteaks, Indian food and Mexican. Along with the range of cuisines there is a big range of prices as well, so you could seek out inexpensive dishes or splurge on something fancy.

Taste it all at Taste of Colorado

Because the Taste of Colorado festival lasts four days, you’ll have plenty of time to try all different types of food, including Famous Daves’ award-winning barbecue. There will also be ice cream and a tent featuring kitchen appliances for sale.

There also will be cabinet making demonstrations. There is also a cupcake contest in which judges will taste and evaluate cupcakes based on appearance, texture, richness, icing, originality and overall. Viewers of the cupcake contest will get to taste them as well.

Other food festivals

The largest outdoor food festival is Taste of Chicago, which was at the beginning of the summer. Portland holds the yearly Bite of Portland, and there is a Bite of Seattle as well. This week in Spokane, Wash., is the yearly Pig Out in the Park, which features local cuisine and music as well.

A suburb of Chicago each year holds a barbecue contest, giving out prizes for dishes and sauce. New York City holds a Food Film Festival each year, and this year’s was in June. In November, Boston will hold a vegetarian food festival. There are several other food festivals held all over the country,  so just check out whether your city holds one to experience inexpensive fun like the people of Denver will have at Taste of Chicago this weekend.