Suzanne Porcelli’s sex charges a new low for Gambino family

New York City Police Department

Suzanne Porcelli's sex trafficking charges: the New York City Police Department is accusing the Gambino organized crime family.

Suzanne Porcelli shocked observers as the only woman in an indictment of 14 alleged members of the Gambino organized crime family. In the indictment loaded with charges unsealed Tuesday in New York, Porcelli was charged with six others for sex trafficking and sex trafficking of a minor. The sex trafficking charges mark a new low for the mob, which until now had a reputation for respecting women to a certain degree. A woman on the receiving end of the charges makes the trend more disturbing to the New York Police Department.

Suzanne Porcelli’s esteemed associates

Suzanne Porcelli pleaded not guilty along with her fellow defendants on Tuesday according to the U.S. attorney’s office. She was released on bond. The others remain in custody. The sex trafficking charges were just one of many alleged crimes mentioned in the indictment, which include racketeering, murder, extortion and drug trafficking. The alleged 14 members of the Gambino organized crime family are scheduled to appear today before a federal judge appointed to the case.

Suzanne Porcelli’s rude awakening

Porcelli’s lawyer said she was awakened at 6 a.m. Tuesday by 15 FBI agents and put under arrest, according to CNN. Porcelli shows up six times in the 60-page litany of malfeasance, which in addition to sex trafficking and sex trafficking of a minor, accuse the alleged Gambino organized crime family members of crimes ranging from murder to OxyContin trafficking to defrauding high-end restaurants for extra cash with inflated invoices for meat orders. She faces a potential life sentence on one count of sex trafficking of a minor.

Suzanne Porcelli’s sex charges

Suzanne Porcelli and the six other defendants are accused of operating a prostitution ring which the New York City Police Department’s organized crime unit was aware of from 2008 to 2009. Porcelli was allegedly involved in recruiting young women and girls, including a 15-year-old, for sex. She worked with members of the Gambino organized crime family to advertise the girls on Craigslist and other websites. Porcelli and the others would chauffeur the girls to Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey and Staten Island for sex with paying customers. Her pay day was 50 percent. Porcelli and her cohorts also peddled the girls to gamblers at weekly, high-stakes poker games.

Suzanne Porcelli a symbol of the new mob?

Joe Coffey, a former commanding officer of the New York Police Department’s organized crime unit, told CNN that Suzanne Porcelli’s alleged involvement in an underage prostitution ring is a disturbing trend. Sex and drugs for fast cash are nothing new to organized crime, Coffey said, but their expanding prominence within day-to-day operations reflects the weakening mores of the mafia and society.

“The mob, as we see it today, has lost all respect, lost all the historical culture that it was intended to have since 1931,” Coffey said to CNN. “and that’s because they’re becoming their own best customers within the drug culture.”