Sugar daddies and sugar mamas are out there on the Web

One of the main things that plague human romantic relationships is people’s inability (or unwillingness) to be open about what they want. Where there is harmony, there is a relationship that balances personal desire with emotional need, whether that relationship is comprised of college sweethearts, bar patrons, sugar daddies or anyone else.

That’s right, I said sugar daddies

When there’s cash now, people are interested. While some would argue that sugar daddies and sugar mamas and their beneficiaries simply reinforce the downward spiral of co-dependency that plagues thousands of relationships, there’s no disputing that enough people are interested to make being sugar daddies an online industry. Web sites like, and are a current phenomenon that has some people crying prostitution, while others see it as a way for people already in the relationship market to meet.

The founder of wrote the book

Specifically, in “Seeking Arrangement: The Definitive Guide to Sugar Daddy and Mutually Beneficial Relationships,” we see that current online sugar daddy companies are looking to smash old stereotypes. Being honest about such things as sex, money and morality are vital in any healthy relationship. Brandon Wade suggests that this emerging market is “not a rich decrepit ‘captain of industry’ exploiting empty-headed vixens for hedonistic pleasure, but a mature gentleman seeking fun and pleasure with women of substance.”  If his business can help interested parties avoid scams and find happiness, Wade questions why such a thing should be considered “wrong.” But he admits that it isn’t everyone’s cup of “sugar.”

Sound dating advice

That’s one of the major selling points uses. Their commitment to quality includes both online and telephone support, which is more than many fly-by-night online companies offer. Shady deals don’t sell well when it comes to online dating through paid sites, which may be why Web sites for sugar daddies and their ladies claim they’re looking to bring customers not simply a happy ending, but lasting happiness with their chosen lifestyle.

Well, if Dr. Phil approves…

OK, so he isn’t really a doctor anymore. But sugar daddies dating sites are garnering attention from noteworthy public figures… this isn’t pickup on South Street, but a portal for quality interaction. If I myself were in the position to be a sugar daddy, perhaps I’d test it out and report to you. As it stands, the word of the media must suffice – and “Dr. Phil,” “Richard and Judy” (UK), the New York Post, The Sun (Canada) and News of the World (also UK) all have given the sugar daddies phenomenon their due attention.

“Our success can only be measured by your success”

That’s what says about what they do. Think about it – if this were some cheap, tawdry dead end, would the glorious American and British popular media cover it so extensively? Would customers come back for more? Repeat business keeps the registers ringing, so pucker up, all you sugar daddies and sugar mamas – your business is a real stimulus package. Some people need cash advance loans – others have sugar daddies and sugar mamas.

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