Slickdeals | Free coupons, but are they any good?


Slickdeals offers sale specials and deal tracking for anybody on the internet. Image from Flickr.

Slickdeals may sound a bit greasy, but it’s a coupon web site that can actually get you pretty good deals. Slickdeals relies on other customers to share the deals and coupons that they have already found, vetted and used. Slickdeals is a free service, and can get you free, cheap, or reduced prices on everything from TCBY ice cream cones to internet loans.

Slickdeals | How it works

The system that Slickdeals uses to find and report  coupons is relatively simple. Users sign up for accounts on Any user can post a deal that they find anywhere on the web or in real-life shopping. You can also get Slickdeals sent to your phone or on a feed to help you find a deal on something you are shopping for. As users post and report deals on Slickdeals, they can gain or lose reputation points. The better the user, the more reliable the reported deal.

Are Slickdeals real?

The biggest question most people ask is whether the deal they find on Slickdeal is real. Some of the deals just seem too good to be real. The answer is, most of the time. Slickdeals are user-reported deals, which means that sometimes they expire, and sometimes they are inaccurately reported. Slickdeals’ reputation points are the first line of defense. If a deal seems too good to be real, then you can flag or comment on the Slickdeal to report it as functioning or not.

Slickdeals a part of the couponing blitz

Using coupons is quickly re-emerging as a popular cost-savings move. Many people use coupons for everything from debt survival to saving cash for a big purchase. There are many free and low-cost coupon web sites. Web sites such as Slickdeals offer coupons that help customers save money. Many people also double or triple up on coupons, doing everything from matching manufacturer’s coupons with store coupons to simply organizing their shopping list based on the deals they can get. is only one coupon web site – but it offers deals that are already tested, which is very useful.