Restraining order separates Shannon Sharpe and Michele Bundy

Former NFL player Shannon Sharpe is being accused of sexual assault. CC by JohnSeb/Flickr

Reports from sources including Sports by Brooks indicate that former NFL great Shannon Sharpe has stepped down from his co-host position on the CBS sports program “NFL Today.” Michele Bundy, a woman media sources insinuate is Shannon Sharpe’s girlfriend, was granted a temporary restraining order in Fulton County Superior County of Atlanta to protect her against when reports indicate is “family violence” from Sharpe. Sharpe has yet to be charged with a crime or arrested. Sharpe has stepped away from television work in order to deal with the accusation.

Michele Bundy alleges sexual assault

Since 1994, Shannon Sharpe – twin brother of former NFL star Sterling – has faced 10 separate court cases involving former sex partners. In this instance, Michele Bundy claims Sharpe forced her to have sex with him by threatening her life. CBS has been tight-lipped on the matter, and all Sharpe has had to say is that he is resigning from “NFL Today” until his name is clear. Other legal matters on Sharpe’s plate include child support trouble with Melinda Wilson. That’s not so violent – allegedly – as his 2004 misdemeanor battery charge against Erika Evans. Mediation was used in lieu of court conviction in that case, however.

Hall of Fame or walk of shame?

Shannon Sharpe’s chances for election to the National Football Hall of Fame could be harmed, but not delayed indefinitely, suggests Bleacher Report. The stats are there, and Sharpe has been in the top 10 players considered in each of his first two years of eligibility. Kansas City Chiefs tight end Tony Gonzalez may have broken many of Shannon Sharpe’s individual statistical achievements since Sharpe’s retirement from the playing field, but Sharpe’s body of evidence remains strong.

No morals in this clause

Should the NFL institute a “morals clause” into their Hall of Fame selection process? At present, what happens off the field isn’t considered. Lawrence Taylor made it in 1999, and he certainly hasn’t led a clean life off the field. “LT” may not have been the most savory of characters, but on the field, he was a defensive “demon dog,” to quote one Thunder the Barbarian.

Shannon Sharpe will get another chance at the Hall of Feb. 5, 2011. Will he take it to the house, or still be in the doghouse for off-field choices?


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