A Hot Mess | Sarah Palin Runner’s World Interview

Where are you running to?

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Did you see the Sarah Palin Runner’s World interview? It may give us some idea of what she’s running for, but is the real question that we should be asking “What’s she running from?”

Where’s Sarah Palin headed these days?

That’s a question that has the Republican party stumped. Is she going to run for president in 2012? Are the financial scandals in Alaska too hot for her to handle? Is she leaving politics behind to care for her family? Who knows. Some would argue that even Sarah Palin doesn’t know the answers to these questions.

What are her issues?

Yet legal bills are definitely an issue for the Palin family these days, so how they’re doing financially could be an issue. Do the Palins need unsecured loans or some other form of pay day loans? Do they even need money at all to deal with their current issues?

Whatever the case, Palin’s running

Pam Platt writes in the Louisville Courier-Journal that Sarah Palin was featured in two¬† “splashy magazine pieces,” one in Vanity Fair and the other in Runner’s World. Both stories predated Palin’s shocking public announcement, and both were damaging.

In Vanity Fair, Palin is portrayed as a “diva-licious, self-serving loose cannon,” says Platt. Sarah Palin in Runner’s World didn’t receive the same amount of attention, but her commentary is telling of her state of mind.

The runner cries

“You don’t complain when something’s hurting because no one wants to hear it. You get bummed and burned out sometimes in running and in politics, but if you’re in for the long haul and you’re in it because you know that it is a good thing, then you get out there and you do it anyway.”

That sounds like a devoted runner who takes care of things, doesn’t it? If that’s so, who is the “victim” Sarah Palin we heard at the press conference? After the David Letterman media gaffe? She cries victimization, which is quite different than the image of a long-distance runner who faces the flames. Did John McCain do his research before he chose her for the ticket?

Love of the outdoors

Palin actually told Runner’s World, “Alaska would be hard to give up because it is such a part of who I am. So much of my life revolves around the great outdoors that that would be kind of tough.”

Is that why you’re quitting, Sarah? Because being a governor or president takes you away from the outdoors for too long? Perhaps Ahmadinejad would agree to meet you at the duck blind? Wouldn’t that just be peachy?

Oh wait, she changes her mind. Is she a flip-flopper?

“On the other hand, I think of being in D.C. and in a position to promote physical fitness and the benefits of making good decisions health-wise and being an example for others, and I know that could do some good for our country.”

OK, so she wants to be health czar?

Palin should know about czars, because they’re from Russia. And she can see Russia from… you know the rest. What I found most disturbing about Palin’s televised press conference is that it was as scatter-shot as her views in these two magazine articles. This woman is the governor of one of our 50 United States? This woman has delusions of presidential grandeur. Being a “maverick” has lost all of its currency thanks to you, Mrs. Palin. Why couldn’t you tell Katie Couric what magazines you read? In all honestly, where is the “Department of Law” located in the White House and who works there? Madlock?

Sweat is her sanity?

It’s healthy to sweat, so I think I’m on to something with the health czar idea. “Sweat is my sanity,” she told Runner’s World. Yet she sounded almost the opposite in her press conference. As Platt puts it, “Palin has a hot mess… As birds quacked in the background, she gulped for air and clutched at several competing metaphors to describe her own fabulousness as she tried again to burnish her rep as a maverick who sticks even as she showed herself to be a lame duck who wouldn’t.”

She could have been a heartbeat away

Remember that. Palin supporters see her as a breath of fresh air, but the more she speaks, the more breathless she appears when it comes to dealing with the intense scrutiny that is part and parcel of being a high-ranking politician. If she knows that she can’t handle that anymore and wants to do what’s best for her family, she should strap on her running shoes and try to be what Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be for the presidency, long ago: a health adviser. Palin should run away from the political spotlight and settle into a lower-stress job. She needs to sweat to remain sane. And try unsecured loans and pay day loans if she needs them.

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