Sarah Palin uses cheat sheet, critics go bananas

Sorry, that’s actually an affront to monkey fruit

Once upon a time, it was entirely fashionable to bash Sarah Palin. Oh, look at that lady from Alaska. She shoots wolves, winks a lot and can’t tell Katie Couric what she reads. She routes state money to build a “Bridge to Nowhere,” but she’s down-homey. Etc, etc, ad nauseous. So far, we know that no payday loans were harmed in the making of a Sarah Palin joke. She may not be a polished politician, but there are people who like what she claims to stand for. As to whether that’s actually what she stands for, we won’t know unless she unseats Barack Obama in 2012. There are certainly questions as to whether Obama stands for what he claimed to stand for during the campaign, but such is the razzle-dazzle of American politics.

Watch me pull a recessionary rabbit out of this hat!

Now those desperate to keep the “stupid” mask on Sarah Palin are pointing out the Palin cheat sheet to help keep her abreast of GOP priorities. AlterNet shares this rather dull nugget, via the Huffington Post. Words like “energy,” “tax” and “life American spirits” were supposedly written on the back of her hand, as was “budget cuts” with the first word crossed out. This was apparently for a Q&A session at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville.

Remember the Obama teleprompter?

Let’s be honest here. President Obama has taken his lumps for using a teleprompter at many (if not all) speaking events. Sarah Palin may not be the orator he is, but how much does it truly matter whether a politician is cribbing during a speaking engagement? What matters are policy decisions, something for which the American public dropped the ball in 1960. Kennedy vs. Nixon was decided not by policy, but by who was prettiest.

On burying the jump shot

Obama vs. Palin will be different in that it will deal with two pretty people. We’ll see if the president will have completely burned his bridges by 2012, and whether Palin will grow enough respect to reach outside her already established base. Payday loans will still be around in 2012, and so will people critical of both Obama and Palin. Since they can both play basketball, I say we decide it that way. One-on-one for the presidency… it’s what America demands, because we aren’t superficial!

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