Open the door for your Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend

True companion is a novelty, not a replacement

This isn't Roxxxy Robot, but think about it – does having intimate relations with even a cyborg actually interest you? (Photo:

Abraham Maslow refers to human sexuality on two different levels in his hierarchy of needs pyramid. Wilhelm Reich’s anti-fascist orgone boxes supposedly harnessed the energy of the personal libido in order to cure physical and mental ills. Many doctors, researchers and scientists (Sigmund Freud among them) have argued the importance of sexuality to the human being, beyond just the act of procreation. Intimate relationships that bring healthy fulfillment, they assert, are a significant factor in being happy, dynamic beings. Not having to worry about basic things like finances is also right up there, and while I wouldn’t say that payday loans are the long-term solution, they can help in a pinch, poke or nibble.

Speaking of pokes and nibbles, Douglas Hines of True Companion LLC would have us believe that the Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend fits right in to the spectrum of human happiness, even if it is just marketing for his eventual goal to take artificial personalities into the mainstream. It won’t be healing you with orgone energy or staying by your side in your golden years, but that isn’t exactly the point.

Private fun with a rubber robot

Billed as “the world’s first sex robot,” the Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend (aka Roxxxy Robot and Roxxxy True Companion) made its debut at the recent Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas. It’s life-sized, touch sensitive and has the ability to have a conversation with the user. Supposedly there’s also a male version of Roxxxy. Understandably, pre-recorded vocal sounds have been included, but True Companion has even gone so far as to design Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend with multiple personalities that can be activated ahead of time (rather than during). What Roxxxy Robot says in response to stimulus varies depending upon the user-selected personality. For $7,000 to $9,000, those would have to be some pretty captivating personalities…

Only the personality-plus need get started

But is Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend what people really want? John Walsh of The Independent doesn’t think so:

“I wonder if the inventors have missed the point about bedroom conversations. In my experience, they tend not to be about subjects, topics, current affairs or world events. They tend to be about people, the oddities and shortcomings of previous partners (to delight and reassure one’s present partner), or the theoretical desirability of other people as yet unexplored (to tease one’s present partner).”

Taste the real thing

Male and female sexuality have many similarities, but there are also marked differences. Speaking for myself, human personality is a vital part of the puzzle, something which technology cannot replace. Some would argue that artificial intelligence will get there soon, but I’ll stay happily old-fashioned, thanks. Love among the ruins of declining culture (Thank you Snooki, Ryan Seacrest, et al) is still love. Roxxxy Robot Girlfriend surely pales in comparison when you’ve tasted the real thing.

Robots aside, I must note in my final obligatory use of the phrase “payday loans” that you shouldn’t think for a moment that I’d suggest you use them to find love. You’d need another loan for the shots and creams, which would create a miniature cycle of debt, which this business does not encourage.

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