| Florida appliance rebate 2010 starts today

A tankless water heater unit mounted on a wall

Some tankless water heaters qualify for the Florida appliance rebate 2010.

This morning, the Florida appliance rebate 2010 opened up to residents of Florida. The web site gives information about the Florida appliance rebate 2010, including a running ticker of the amount of available funds. There are limited appliance rebate funds, and in every other state the appliance rebate funds have run out quickly, so if you would like the rebate it is worth it to get online loans to ensure your new appliance qualifies for the Florida appliance rebate 2010 program.

Florida appliance rebate 2010 qualifying appliances

There are several appliances that qualify for the Florida appliance rebate 2010 outlined on Energy Star qualified refrigerators, freezers, clothes washers, dishwashers, tankless gas water heaters and room air conditioners. All these appliances qualify for 20 percent of the retail price, plus a $75 recycling credit. All in all, a household can get a Florida appliance rebate 2010 up to $1,500.

Reserve your Florida appliance rebate 2010 at

The Energy Star appliance rebates available through are very limited. Florida was allocated only enough for about 66,000 households to receive the Florida appliance rebate 2010. You can request the Florida appliance rebate 2010 after purchasing your appliance or you can reserve a rebate. In the Florida program, you just need to request a priority number, which you can do at A Priority Number reserves a Florida appliance rebate 2010 for you, but it must be used fairly quickly. You may want to discuss fast loans if you need to finance an appliance to receive the rebate.

Energy Star appliance ratings qualify for program

The Florida appliance rebate 2010 is based on the Energy Star government rating system. Energy Star has recently encountered questions about how their rating system works. Even so, usually new appliances are much more energy-efficient than old appliances. Be sure to do your own research about the Energy Star appliance you plan to purchase before you get started on