Random Acts of Kindness Day is officially great

It’s the unofficial holiday you should officially care about

Help – not because you have to, but because you want to.

Are you a kind person? Do you care about others? Most will likely respond in the affirmative to both questions, if for no other reason than to convince themselves. Altruism asks for no one; it demands nothing. What you give to your fellow man is entirely up to you. fast loans from a consumer lender demand eventual repayment, and your time is a precious commodity. What will be the rate of exchange when you give to others? What will be your currency of reward? It all depends upon your perspective.

Random Acts of Kindness Day is a reminder, not a mandate

Encouraging people to give of their time and resources to those in need can be a benevolent gesture, unless you’re the most fundamental objectivist around. Your scientific, philosophical or spiritual views may shape your individual experience, but many people agree that helping others feels good. That’s where Random Acts of Kindness Day (or Random Acts of Kindness Week) come into play: people are encouraged to help others without having to have a reason or hope of repayment. But none of it points toward obligation, or saving your efforts for just one day or week. Why not simply be kind? Various sources claim it’s good for your health, including this one.

The little things count

Help someone open a door. Spend extra time playing with your kids. Volunteer with a local charity. Say hello and smile before that pair of eyes you meet on the street (but don’t overdo it). Compliment friends, family or your significant other. You can even be good to yourself on Random Acts of Kindness Day. If you are looking to spark more ideas, check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

I’m sure you can think of many more! You can check out the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. Heck, if Nutley, New Jersey can do it, why can’t you? fast loans may boost your budget temporarily, but instant random acts of kindness any day can boost your human currency.

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