The Rand Paul stomper demands an apology from his victim

The Rand Paul stomp looked like this to liberal activist Lauren Valle, who had her head stomped on Monday at a Rand Paul rally. Image: Thinkstock

The Rand Paul stomp isn’t a new dance craze sweeping the nation. The Rand Paul stomp is a tactic used by Rand Paul supporters to shield their beloved candidate from a liberal protester. Police are considering charges for the Rand Paul stomper, who wants his victim to apologize.

Rand Paul protected by head stompers

The Rand Paul stomp made national news when activist Lauren Valle went on a mission to embarrass the Kentucky Senate candidate at a campaign rally Monday. Valle attempted to present Paul with a bogus employee of the month award as part of a Republican parody called RepubliCorp. Before she could bestow the honor, Valle was tackled by Tim Profitt, a Rand Paul campaign volunteer. Profitt and another man tackled Valle. While she was on the ground, Profitt stomped on her head. It was all caught on video.

Don’t mess with Tea Party supporters

The Rand Paul stomp gave Lauren Valle a concussion. Tim Profitt got fired from his position as Bourbon County coordinator of Rand Paul’s Kentucky Senate campaign. Valle was released from a hospital on Tuesday. Profit was ordered to appear before a judge who will decide whether charges will be filed. Valle described the attack as “premeditated” and said “further legal action will be taken.” The Rand Paul stomp is the second time in two weeks a Tea Party candidate’s supporters physically confronted a person. In Alaska, Senate candidate Joe Miller’s private bodyguards handcuffed a journalist trying to ask Miller questions.

Rand Paul stomper wants an apology for his troubles

After his Rand Paul stomp, Profitt told WKYT television in Lexington, Ky., that he would like Valle to apologize to him for causing so much trouble. He called the incident “no big deal” and said he stomped on Valle’s head because he has “issues with his back.” Profitt also blamed the police for not arresting Valle when he asked them to. The Rand Paul for Senate campaign has yet to apologize to Valle, but released a statement urging both sides not to let their “political passions” lead to “physical altercations of any kind.”


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