Rand Paul and Aqua Buddha | Sacrilegious crime or college prank?


Aqua Buddha isn't a known or recognized deity -- but Rand Paul had college buds that asked for it to be worshipped. Image: williamcho / Flickr / CC-BY-SA

In attack ads and during a debate last night, Rand Paul has been fighting the specter of Aqua Buddha. While he was in college at conservative Baylor University, Paul a the member of NoZe Brotherhood. Some stories include Rand Paul and his friends trying to get a woman to worship “Aqua Buddha.”

Rand Paul’s Aqua Buddha Story

First broken by GQ and used by political opponents, the story of Rand Paul and Aqua Buddha is a twisted one. According to the ads and stories of political opponents, Rand and his compatriots in the NoZe Brotherhood “kidnapped” a woman. They then supposedly drugged her against her will and “forced” her to worship Aqua Buddha. However, even the woman in the incident denies that there was kidnapping or forcing.

The real Aqua Buddha story

According to the woman who was the subject of the Aqua Buddha incident, Rand Paul did not kidnap or force her. Instead, Rand Paul and his friends did tie her up and “take her to a room filled with pot smoke.” She was not, however, kidnapped or forced. After time in the pot-smoke filled room, Rand Paul and his friends took her “out to this creek and made me worship Aqua Buddha.” The woman said, more than anything, the incident was “weird” and she cut ties with Rand Paul and his friends after that night.

The lasting effect of Aqua Buddha

The effect of the Aqua Buddha story on the Rand Paul campaign is yet to be seen. Rand Paul is a Tea Party-backed candidate, and stories of his pot-smoke filled days a Baylor, much like if a no fax payday loan was taken to pay for his ads,  don’t mesh well with his ultra-conservative image. Rand Paul has also been out of college and aged quite a bit since telling a woman to “worship Aqua Buddha.” How much do you think candidates’ college days should play into their campaigns?


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