Quickbooks Online Login | Quickbooks online is offline


Quickbooks online login isn't working - meaning many accounting departments are left at loose ends. Image from Flickr.

The Quickbooks Online login is the first place many small business owners point their computers in the morning. An online and offline service that helps small businesses manage their payroll, no fax payday loans, accounts receivable, accounts payable and more, Quickbooks is very popular. However, Quickbooks online login appeared to be down this morning.

Intuit working to restore Quickbooks online login

The Quickbooks online login is still accessible via quickbooks.intuit.com. However, users who tried to use the Quickbooks online login this morning were confronted with an error message. The official Quickbooks online Twitter responded at about 10 a.m. Pacific time, saying “Our team is working on getting QuickBooks Online back up.”

Get notified when Quickbooks online login is working

There are not currently any estimates for how long the Quickbooks online login might be down. Small business owners across the country can only hope that Quickbooks has a team of dedicated programmers working hard on the problem. Intuit has set up an email notification system to let customers know when the Quickbooks service has been restored. Until then, small business owners are left to wonder if they need to get a no fax cash advance to ensure their payroll checks won’t bounce. Quickbooks software is still functioning, but all online services that require a Quickbooks online login will not function.

Quickbooks online system built to help customers

The Quickbooks online login was originally built as a companion to the Quickbooks software. Meant as a customized accounting tool for businesses, Quickbooks combines the accounting tools of Quicken with invoicing, customer management, and other tools small business owners can make use of. The Quickbooks online login allows accounts to be merged with online banking. Quickbooks online login also makes other online tools, like direct-deposit payroll, much easier to use. Quickbooks, Quickbooks online, and Quicken are all owned by Intuit, the same company that makes and operates TurboTax and other software programs.