PS3 Slim Price $299 Coming 8/24/09

Early adopters feel the sting

You know the PS3... but do you know Slim? (Photo:

You know the PS3... but do you know Slim? (Photo:

When it comes to video game systems or any other form of consumer electronics technology, there’s always a danger that comes with being an early adopter. First of all, if there is a competing technology on the market (take HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray, for example), the other one might take over, leaving your choice in the land of Betamax limbo. Then of course there’s always the maximal price tag for those who buy as soon as a product is available. I found that out when I bought my PlayStation 2 a number of years ago. I was an early adopter, then after a few years, I sold it on eBay (and I accidentally left my copy of “Monty Python’s Holy Grail” inside). A few years after that, I purchased a Slim PS3 for $99 because I’m a “Guitar Hero” fan. I’ve felt the sting, to say the least.

Now early PS3 folks will get theirs

As PC World puts it, Sony Claus is coming “right down Sears and K-Mart lanes.” These retailers are offering pre-sells for the PS3 slim… at a price of $299. This doesn’t appear to be a trick, or some dastardly Photoshop tease. The PS3 Slim price appears to be set, and it is definitely under $300. The stalwart tech bloggers at Engadget link to the ads. Unless both Sears and K-Mart have been fooled, the PS3 Slim price is the real McCoy.

Dammit Jim, I’m a video gamer, not a patient spender

Yet in light of my PS2 satisfaction, I won’t be one to budge on this deal. There’s no budge in my budget for it, anyway. “The Rumors Are Reality, New Low Price & A New Exciting PlayStation 3” festoons a K-Mart ad, taunting me. “Sony PS3, Slim Presell 2, Sold by Kmart, item #018W014436760001, Mfr. Model #PS3” for $299.99 is sitting there, ready to slap the fannies of those who have already taken the PS3 plunge. For your torturous pleasure, here’s the Sears link.

What will gamers find in this exciting new package? Based upon Engadget’s specs, you’ll be getting a capable Blu-ray, player; a 120GB hard drive for your game saves, music and other data; a DualShock 3 gamepad to guide you in your flight through the virtual world; and HDMI support for fancy shmancy Hi-def television sets.

And the release date?

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That would be Monday, August 24, 2009. Not coincidentally, that’s immediately following the Gamescom 2009 extravaganza. PC World wonders if the $100 will pull people off the fence. I believe there will be some of that effect felt, but I think there will be many thousands more who will feel anger toward Sony for their price manipulation.

Didn’t they know what they were getting themselves into, however? That’s the way the technology bubble bobbles and bursts. PS3 Slim price is evidence enough. And once the PS4 takes flight, they’ll be right back on the bus, requesting short term loans and installment loans to cover the gap. I don’t recommend this kind of usage of those loans, but it is entirely up to you.

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