Is The Post Office Open Today? Are Banks Open Today?

Federal holidays, federal post office

Your local post office will likely close at noon. Hurry!

Your local post office will likely close at noon. Hurry!

Ah, what to do when a federal holiday falls on the weekend. It always causes confusion. Of course, even when federal holidays fall on regularly scheduled Mondays it causes confusion. Which holidays count? Which ones don’t? I can assure you, though, that you can still get fast payday loans through Personal Money Store today.

Well, the federal government has come to the conclusion that if I have to work the Friday before the Fourth of July, so do the postal workers. However, many of them will get to leave early.

July 3 and July 4 details

The Seattle Times reports that mail delivery today will not be affected. However, most post offices will close for retail purposes at noon. So, if you need to use the post office, hurry up!

On the Fourth of July there will not be mail delivery and post offices will be closed. Only holiday express mail will be delivered Saturday. Mail delivery and post office hours will be back to normal Monday.

Are banks open today?

The short answer is yes, banks are open today. Of course, it depends on the bank. There’s no law that says they can’t close early or not open at all today … is there?

It appears to me that the Saturday bank schedule will also be basically normal: Most banks will be closed but a few grocery store branches might have limited hours.

Sounds like a regular Saturday to me. However, if you use a standalone branch of your bank that usually is open on Saturdays, it will probably be closed tomorrow.

A few more tidbits

People have a lot of questions about what’s open and what’s not today and tomorrow. This is going to vary widely by region, but I have found some answers that get started to the area where I live that might be able to be applied nationwide, at least in general.

The DMV will be closed today and tomorrow. In general, regarding the DMV, it’s always safe to err on the side of “closed.” Columbus Day? Closed. MLK Day? Closed. Pioneer Day in Utah? White House dog’s birthday? Yeah, the DMV will pretty much shut down if it has any sort of excuse at all. Like 3 p.m. on a Wednesday.

Get to the good stuff

Whether the liquor store is open on the Fourth of July or not might depend on whatever the local liquor control board says, as usual. However, as long as the state you live in doesn’t mandate that liquor stores be closed, you can safely assume they’ll be open for usual business hours for today and tomorrow.

I mean, what liquor store owner would voluntarily shut down the store on the Fourth of July? That’s just bad business sense.

Government and garbage

In general, city and county government offices will be closed today and tomorrow. These offices generally operate like the DMV and close down whenever they can. After all, they make the rules, right?

Luckily, garbage collection for the most part will proceed as usual.  Thank goodness. Garbage collection is one of those things you don’t shut down unless you have a really, really good reason. Like a massive hurricane.

If you are still asking yourself “Is the post office open today?” or “Are banks open today?” you might want to just call the specific locantion you’re thinking of and ask. Of course, it’ll probably be busy, so if it’s not too far, you might just want to head down there and take a look-see.