Poppers | A dangerous high or a relatively safe club drug?

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Poppers gained popularity as a club drug. Image: curran.keller / Flickr / CC-BY

Alkyl nitrates inhaled for recreational purposes, otherwise known as “poppers” have long been considered a relatively safe recreational drug. Medically used as a antidote to cyanide poising, poppers can refer to a wide range of products, including air fresheners. A new study by French researchers has found that using Poppers may prove not nearly as safe — causing vision loss or distortion.

Poppers are widely available

In many countries, the chemicals that make up the alkyl nitrate family are sold over-the-counter. Alkyl nitrates can be found as methyl nitrate, ethyl nitrate, and the very popular nitric oxide. The chemical compounds are usually inhaled to enhance sexual pleasure, create a feeling of well-being, and a rush of warm sensations.

The possible dangers of Popper use

The use of Poppers are “generally considered safe” by many substance users. According to a new study by French researchers, four users of Poppers found that their eyesight was significantly damaged, or lights. Only two of the four study subjects regained vision after several weeks. Popper use has also been linked to relaxation of the smooth muscles, including arteries, veins, bladder, gastrointestinal tract, and heart. Many club-goers have needed no fax payday loan products to pay for the associated medical costs.

Are poppers safe to use?

The end result of this study is most likely not going to be a reduction in the use of poppers for recreation. Poppers are banned from being sold to individuals under 18 in most places. Compared to many other “club drugs” such as ecstasy, the dangers associated with occasional Popper use are not as serious. The reality is that, banned or not, some people will always be looking for some way to change their state of consciousness. All things considered, Poppers do come with many dangers, but they are far from the most dangerous legal drug on the market.