Philadelphia Airport flight evacuated, no bomb found

U.S. Airways

A flight to Bermuda out of the Philly airport was delayed. Image: dg850 / Flickr / CC-BY-SA

This morning at the Philadelphia airport, a flight headed for Bermuda was evacuated. A baggage handler who was not showing ID disappeared when questioned. No other flights into or out of the Philadelphia airport were affected by the incident.

Evacuation at the Philadelphia airport

U.S. Airways Flight 1070 was scheduled to leave the Philadelphia airport for Bermuda. With 102 passengers and 5 crew aboard, the flight was canceled. The plane was towed to a “secure” tarmac and searched by bomb-sniffing dogs. The passengers on the flight were put on a later flight to the same destination, at no cost, so no passengers had to get a no fax payday loan. There’s no word yet on whether the luggage that had to be searched also made it to Bermuda with its owners.

Unknown baggage handler at Philly airport

The “security incident” at the airport began when a baggage handler did not show identification. There were three men loading bags into U.S. Airways flight 1070. Two of the men did not recognize the third and noted that he did not display his identification, as is required. The unidentified man was confronted by the other two baggage handlers. He did not identify himself and fled. This unknown third person is still being sought by law enforcement. TSA regulations state that in secure areas such as tarmacs, identification must be worn at all times.

Effect of bomb scare on the Philadelphia airport

After the confrontation, U.S. Airways flight 1070 was towed to a secure area. Bomb-sniffing dogs examined all the luggage on the flight. No other flights were delayed or canceled because the incident was “contained.” This means even if a bomb had been found, the incident would have been contained. Officials at the airport have stated that “it could be a suspicious person or it could be nothing.” Until more is known about the Philly airport incident, security at the airport will remain in a heightened state.