A Time to Be Thankful

Economy Still in the Dog House

Be thankful for what truly matters during these happy holidays. Personal loans don't just mean money, but kindness and love. (Photo: flickr.com)

Be thankful for what truly matters during these happy holidays. Personal loans don't just mean money, but kindness and love. (Photo: flickr.com)

During this holiday season, amidst the many personal loans granted for various reasons, it’s hard to imagine reasons to be thankful. The mainstream news still proclaims that our economy is in a recession with no hope of getting out. Wall Street analysts predict low returns on the market (while continuing to line their pockets in secret), leaving many companies wondering where they will be at the first of the year. The economy is still not recovering, in spite of the many stimulus packages granted to taxpayers and businesses. Even online marketers are feeling the pressure of this slow economy! My E-mail inbox is full of marketers trying to jumpstart their earnings by giving away products. Several years ago, free information products were unheard of.

“War on Terror” Still Going Strong

Soldiers are still in Iraq and Afghanistan. The terror alert still remains at the yellow level, which is “Elevated.” When will the war be over? No one knows, and with all the uncertainty, it’s hard to be thankful.

Unemployment Rates Still High

Jobs are still few and far between, with each job hanging by a thread. There are some people who would love to leave their jobs, but cannot because they are unsure of finding another job to replace that lost income. As of October 2009, the national unemployment rate is at 10.2 percent, higher than it has been since April of 1983. In fact, in November and December 1982, the unemployment rate was only a tick higher at 10.8 percent. Will we surpass that number today?

What is There to be Thankful For?

It seems that many people have allowed themselves to become too upset about current events. Furthermore, they’re struggling to pay off personal loans and have become distracted from when they can be truly thankful for – thankful for the blessings all around them. The media loves to focus on the negative events happening, rather than the little miracles that are happening on a daily basis. Really—what is there to be thankful for?

Family and Friends

How long has it been since you have truly appreciated your family and friends? How long has it been since you have truly acknowledged who they are and what they mean to you? If you put aside the events happening in the world and focus on the people that matter to you, you will find plenty to be thankful for.

A year ago (2008), my marriage crumbled around me at the same time my mother was suffering with treatments for cancer. Not only that, but another relationship I thought was going to last a long time suddenly ended… through all of that, my children stuck by me and helped me heal. I am truly thankful that they are still in my life, and that my mother is still alive.

Freedom Still Rings

In spite of everything that people think about the government, one fact remains—we are still free to make our own happiness as we see fit. We are free to make or not make a living in any industry we choose. We are not forced into working a particular job or forced to go into the military. Freedom is something that we take for granted, yet we complain about the minor inconveniences facing us right now.

Enjoy the Holidays, Won’t You?

During this holiday, put aside thoughts of money or personal loans, and focus on what matters the most—your family. Whoever that family may be to you, take the time to just appreciate and acknowledge them for all they do. Happy Holidays! You can go back to worrying about money and current events the next day.