PBS Documentary | Century-old Murder Case, Leo Frank Lynching

The Case of Leo Frank

Leo and Lucille Frank during his trial, 1915 (Photo from Wikimedia.org)

Leo and Lucille Frank during his trial, 1915 (Photo from Wikimedia.org)

Tonight showcases a very contradicting documentary about the case of Leo Frank, and you won’t need quick cash to see it. The documentary will be aired tonight on PBS.

Leo Frank was a Cornell-educated Jewish industrialist who was lynched in Georgia for the murder of 13-year-old Mary Phagan, who worked at Frank’s factory. Frank was convicted of the crime and was initially sentenced to death.

Frank fought hard for his innocence. The conviction was appealed 13 times, losing each time, and made it all the way to Supreme Court. Georgia Gov. John Slaton, however, eventually reduced his sentence to life imprisonment. The decision only fueled the scorching anger and hate in the heart and mind of the people. According to the Los Angeles Times, a mob organized by a Superior Court judge, the son of a U.S. senator and a former governor took matters into their own hands. They abducted Leo Frank from a state prison and hanged him from an oak tree.

Leo Frank Lynching Story Lives On

Up till this day, the story of Leo Frank lives on. People are still fascinated by this story for many reasons. The case itself remains a puzzling mystery. There was no solid evidence that Leo Frank was the person responsible for the death of the 13-year-old girl that was found in the basement of the National Pencil Company 96 years ago. From what it looks like, the ruling judgment and the lynching of Leo Frank were based on vague understanding and direct assumption. Nevertheless, it’s quite obvious that prejudice and discrimination played a huge part in this case.

PBS Documentary: The People v. Leo Frank

“The People vs. Leo Frank” will air tonight at 10 p.m. ET on PBS. The documentary will include commentary, recollections, and archival images. Almost a century after the lynching of Leo Frank, his story still burns and continues to command attention from the general populace.

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