Pastor Bill Wilson | 14th Annual Operation Holiday Hope Outreach

Operation Holiday Hope

(Photo via richardmasoner,

(Photo via richardmasoner,

Pastor Bill Wilson is Senior Pastor of Metro Ministries and founder of Operation Holiday Hope, a non-profit organization that provides wrapped gifts to children from all over the world. Pastor Wilson, through his organization, has been supplying orphans and low-income families with wrapped brand-new Christmas gifts, often the very first gift a child has ever received. Today, the charitable association is at it again, celebrating their 14th annual Operation Holiday Hope outreach and raising quick cash to fund Christmas gifts for struggling children across the globe.

The Story of Pastor Bill Wilson, a Story like No Other

Pastor Wilson not only provided a reason to smile for many sad, lonely children. He, too, had a life similar to the lives of the children he has, and continues to reach out to.

Wilson was abandoned by his mother at the mere age of 12, almost 50 years ago. Looking back, he remembers sitting on a street corner in St. Petersburg, Florida with his alcoholic mother. “I can’t do this anymore,” his mother had said to him. “You wait here.” So he did. He sat there waiting by that street corner for three long days, but his mother never came back. Thankfully, a man found Bill and took him to his home. His name was Dave Rudenis, a local mechanic and devoted Christian. Not only did Rudenis take the young man under his wings, but he was even willing to come up with some quick cash to pay Bill’s way to a Christian summer camp, despite the fact that his own son was laying in a hospital bed dying from cancer.

“I am the pastor of the largest Sunday school in the world. Why? Because one man, out of his own need, with his own family and their own drama, but still, he still chooses to stop and picked me up, and he put something in motion,” he said through tears in a recent Fox News interview. “That’s why I do what I do.”

Pastor Bill Wilson Making a Difference

In 1980, Pastor Bill Wilson decided to move to one of the toughest areas in New York. He started the Metro Ministries in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, which has now become the largest Sunday school in the nation. For the past decades, Wilson has kept true to his word and continues to help children in need worldwide. Operation Holiday Hope has grown wondrously, celebrating their 14th annual Operation Holiday Hope outreach, and continues to make a global difference that many will forever remember.