Bodies Dug Up, Graves Resold at Burr Oak Cemetery

The dead walk in Illinois Businesses are having a rough go of it during this recession. Sure, you can perform a service for a client or sell them a product, but what happens after that? In order to maintain cash flow, there has to be repeat business, or at least good word of mouth that

Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior | Live Like Washington

You behave… Human beings admire those with dignity and grace. No matter how far the public taste strays into an ocean of trash, social graces are a braided rope thrown from the shores of home. Do as George did In saying this, I don’t mean that we should all go to finishing school to prepare
baseball player

Payday Loans Put the Swing Back in My Ball Game

Swing away Hello. My name is Vic, and I play baseball for a living. It’s a great gig that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world, even though I’m not a real person. However, because it’s Minor League Baseball, I’m not going to get rich any time soon. If I make it to the

How Does the Montauk Monster Celebrate July 4?

By returning to Plum Island? No, that’s not it. It much simpler than that, and much more sensational. The Montauk Monster continues to grab headlines! Happy July 4, you charred raccoon… or whatever you are… I can understand that the creature has its image to think about. And considering how much the paparazzi pay for