Obese and In Debt?

Correlation between Weight and Money

(Photo from pyxopotamus, Flickr.com)

(Photo from pyxopotamus, Flickr.com)

Is there a correlation between how much you weigh and how many debts you have? While this is something that most people who have a lot of extra weight may not agree with, there are certain reasons why this may be true. The fact is that a person who is obese is more likely to spend more on healthcare, which almost requires them to get into debts by taking short term cash advances to meet the increased costs. Visits to a doctor or a therapist can also be expensive, and will leave a big hole in your wallet. Therefore, one could say that there may be a direct relation between the two.

Is Obesity the Only Problem?

Being obese is perhaps the start of a problem that can bring about other problems, and it is not just about overeating. There are people who eat only one meal a day but are still obese, which is a condition that needs serious medical attention. At the same time, this has a tendency to balloon out of proportion, leaving the person incapable of working to the best of their abilities. They are also faced with ridicule and laughing from passers-by, which can have a lasting effect on the person who is affected.

What About the Loans?

If you are struggling with your weight, you are more likely to need to see a doctor at some time or another. Your finances will be fine if you have health insurance, but if you do not have proper insurance and are facing problems arising from your health, you are likely to run short of money. Treatments for these conditions cannot be stopped, and the lack of money will soon have you taking out a short term cash advance. Medical treatments for certain conditions also tend to last quite a long time and require several visits to a therapist or doctor. Extreme cases will require the help of a surgeon to help you get back to good health.

Fit and Healthy

While there is no reason to state that an obese person is unhealthy, there is every reason to state that he is more likely to contract illnesses that are weight related. High cholesterol and hypertension can lead to heart disease and are quite common among people who are obese. Will it lead them into debt? This is a matter that differs from person to person. As said earlier, some people may have proper insurance, while others will need a loan to cover the costs of required treatments. There could be a risk in even going for a loan in these cases, as people have a tendency to forget about the long term plans that the doctor had advised and give it up the moment they feel a little lighter. The result of this ignorance will spell disaster. The weight will start to roll up all over again and they may need to borrow more short term cash advances.

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