Does Obama actually trigger blackouts?

Is Obama to blame for Texas blackouts? CC by Jen/Wikimedia Commons

Blizzards have led to rolling blackouts in some Texas cities as a means of conserving precious energy. However, according to provocateur talk-show host Alex Jones on his website Infowars, this “climate apocalypse” comes straight from the top. President Obama allegedly triggers the blackouts of lights, the coal industry, the Internet (via a “kill switch”) and the entire post-industrial U.S.

Obama triggers blackouts: Caught on tape!

The house of cards that is the “Obama triggers blackouts” freak out is based upon an out-of-context 12-second video clip, reports Death + Taxes. Info-wars present a clip of Barack Obama when he was still an Illinois senator. The interviewer asks for Obama’s stance on proposed cap and trade legislation on carbon emissions and how it would impact the coal industry, a known producer of greenhouse gases. The following is taken out of context from the full 2008 conversation which can be viewed on YouTube in what Alex Jones calls the Obama administration’s industrial warfare where Sen. Obama says:

“So, if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can, but it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

If you are to watch the full interview, you will know what Sen. Obama’s true intentions are. He didn’t think that coal energy should be lost by the U.S. Instead of just spewing carbon emissions into the sky, coal energy providers might work harder to try and store and re-purpose carbon emissions which was the hypothetical terms he was speaking in. Motivating change is the purpose in it. It wouldn’t be about taking the industry away.

The truth on other things also

The cap and trade system never passed. Also, blackouts aren’t triggered by the Obama administration. Why does Alex Jones think Obama has power since the administration has already been criticized for not being able to regulate all the energy companies?

There isn’t any kind of environmental legislation. That means industrial carbon emissions don’t even get checked. There are many scientists upset about this because of the climate change caused. This includes the giant Midwestern blizzard that just occurred. There might be colder and snowier winters for the northern mid-latitudes because of the greenhouse gases warming the Arctic.


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