Nokia N8 | Mobile entertainment that also happens to be a phone

Nokia N96

The Nokia N96 (pictured above) was one of the first phones to use Symbian OS. Image from Flickr.

This morning, the Nokia N8 was officially announced, and the Nokia N8 is one little smartphone packed with entertainment features: HD-quality video and editing software, surround sound, Web TV social networking, navigation, web browsing and – oh yeah – the ability to make phone calls on just about any network. The Nokia N8 runs on the Symbian ^3 operating system. The Nokia N8 release date is late this year – so if you need a loan to get it, start the application now.

Nokia N8 with 5-band tech

The biggest stumbling block most new phones run into is the network, but Nokia N8 is built to vault over this challenge. In the United States, there are two major wireless networks, and most cell phones use either one or the other. This forces customers to choose their network first and their phone second – or “jailbreak” their phones to use them on an unsupported network. However, the Nokia N8 comes with 5-band WCDMA network coverage built in. This means users in the United States and internationally can use this phone no matter who their wireless network carrier is.

Nokia N8 Basics

Before we get excited about all the bells and whistles on the Nokia N8 phone, it is important to consider the basics. What good would the Nokia N8 phone be if you couldn’t make a basic call? The Symbian OS is the most popular operating system in the world, so it is sure to be stable. Bluetooth 3.0 allows close-quarters connection with your other gizmos. Its Wi-Fi connections will work in most coffee shops and college campuses. The 3.5-inch touchscreen display will include multi-touch and multi-tasking support. Finally, the 1200 mAh battery is not replaceable — which may ultimately be the downfall of this device.

Nokia N8 built for entertainment

The real power of the Nokia N8, assuming that the battery can hold up to the use, is the multimedia integration. This smartphone will include an HDMI port and surround sound support – so you could plug it into your home theater and watch videos in full HD glory. With only 32GB of internal memory, though, don’t count on using it as your main storage device. An FM transmitter and FM radio will keep you entertained when your podcasts run out, though. The 12 megapixel camera boasts Carl Zeiss optics and HD video capture, as well as editing — so you can create YouTube videos everyone else will be jealous of.

Nokia N8 release date

Though the Nokia N8 has been officially announced, no U.S. carriers have provided a Nokia N8 release date on their networks. At about $493 dollars (370 Euro) per handset, the Nokia N8 release date in the United States gives you plenty of time to get online loans to cover the cost. While you are waiting, you can drool over the five aluminum casing colors available or consider ways to hack a better-performing battery into the Nokia N8.


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