Noah’s Ark found in Turkey by evangelical Indiana Joneses

A gleaming white Club Med cruise ship anchored in a harbor.

Noah's Ark found? A group of evangelical explorers claim to have found the smoking gun to Noah's flood--not to be confused with a Club Med cruise, pictured in this Flickr photo.

Noah’s Ark is found … again! A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelists are saying they have located Noah’s Ark after finding remains of a structure that could have possibly been used for livestock. The intrepid explorers are keeping the site secret, but they told Hong Kong correspondents of Agence France Presse (AFP) that carbon dating proves their discovery is 4,800 years old–about the time, they say, Noah’s Ark set sail.

Noah’s Ark found … honest

“Noah’s Ark found” is the claim of The Noah’s Ark Ministries International, formed in 2003 in Hong Kong. The South China Morning Post said the expedition is a joint effort between Hong Kong-based Media Evangelism, Noah’s Ark Ministry International and the Turkish government. Local Turkish officials will ask the central government in Ankara to request UNESCO World Heritage status so the site can be protected and pave the way for a major archaeological dig. No word on how to pay for it yet. Perhaps they need a loan.

Noah’s Ark dimensions

Noah’s Ark dimensions listed in the bible have led expeditions over the centuries to swear  they had discovered the vessel in which Noah, under orders from God, gathered mating pairs of all the world’s animals in a boat. Noah’s Ark dimensions measure 300 cubits by 50 cubits. The cubit was an ancient measurement said to be about the length of a forearm. Let’s say a forearm is about 20 inches long. That would make Noah’s Ark dimensions about 500 feet long by 83 feet wide. At last count, the world had about 5,416 species of mammals alone. Fitting 11,000-plus animals of various shapes and sizes into a vessel that size would have taken an act of god, for sure. The amphibians, bugs and plants would have had to fend for themselves. The fishes, clams and lobsters would have been OK, of course.

Noah’s Ark found timeline

Noah’s Ark found? The evangelical explorers claim their carbon dating dates their discovery at 4,800 years old, lead Yeung Wing-cheung (not to be confused with 1980s one-hit wonder Wang Chung) to tell the AFP, “It’s not 100 percent that it is Noah’s Ark, but we think it is 99.9 percent that this is it.” Unfortunately, the sliver of doubt in Wing-cheung’s mind becomes a two-by-four blow to the head with a simple review of reality. Biblical legend says God sent a flood to destroy a human race overcome with sin and depravity. Apparently this flood wreaked its havoc while the great civilizations in Egypt, Greece and China got a free pass.  Or perhaps they appeased the almighty with fast cash.

Noah’s Ark found in Turkey again

Noah’s Ark found in Turkey is a headline that’s been seen before. One of today’s most enduring claims of Noah’s Ark found concerns the “Durupinar site” about 18 miles south of the Greater Ararat summit. The Durupinar site is a large rock formation that looks like a boat. Even though geologists, doing science, have determined it is a natural rock formation, tourists still flock to the site and Wyatt’s Ark Discovery Institute continues to try and make money now on the idea.

Noah’s Ark found–just kidding!

The latest expedition that claims Noah’s Ark is found joins a long list of hopefuls and hoaxes. As usual, the media can’t resist the temptation. One of the latest and greatest hoodwinkings happened in 1993, when CBS aired a tabloid-flavored special entitled “The Incredible Discovery of Noah’s Ark.” The star of the show turned out to be an actor named George Jammal, who later admitted the “sacred wood” from the ark was taken from railroad tracks in Long Beach, Calif., and cured with various sauces in an oven.