Did You Have a Bully No Pants Day 2010?

Washington Metro Trains Unburdened by the Bepantsed

Subway, Croquet any day… is good for no pants day! (Photo: mondocroquet.com)

Really, it’s OK. If you need a pair of pants to cover yourself and you’re low on funds, request a payday loan. You’ll pay it back on your next payday and the moons will remain within their polyester chamber. But if you’re riding a Washington D.C. subway on national no pants day, be prepared for more skin than you’re accustomed. And whatever you do, frequent straphangers, don’t mistake a pair of pelvis cushions for a card swipe.

There’ll Be Boxers and Boy Shorts, Panties and Prudies

For the ninth year running, No Pants Day (aka national No Pants Day) has entertained some on the D.C. metro, while offending the tender sensibilities of others. People like Antonia Chambers, 57, were bundled up for the winter and would never think to air her lacy under things to the world. However, they found No Pants Day to be quite entertaining, says the Washington Post.

You Strip, I Strip, They All Strip for No Pants Day

Think about this. There are people from all walks of life who yearn to burst free from their cocoons of protective clothing and flash their butterfly wings. Unlike the emergence of a real butterfly, however, this act of metamorphosis can be quite disturbing. That’s why the participants on No Pants Day 2010 make sure to use strategic covering. One wonders why they do it at all.

Why? “Because it’s free,” said Molly, 18. That was a good enough reason for the Post, and it’s good enough for me.

Smile and Hang With the Brave

“There’s not really any point or any cause,” said organizer Bruce Witzenburg to the Post. “We’re just trying to put smiles on people’s faces.”

Of course the No Pants Day participants had to keep it on the down low first. No ticket taker would let something like that pass by without sounding an alarm, so they began shedding their pants after the train had left the station. But once the game was afoot, they began to make bold strides in the near-buff, including changing trains. Interestingly, reports from onlookers indicate that after a while, the No Pants Day people began to blend into the crowd. Yet another day in the big city, and you need a payday loan for new pants.

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