Nintendo DS announces XL, 3D versions

Nintendo DSi

The Nintendo DSi will most likely serve as the chassis for the Nintendo 3DS system.

Sure, the Nintendo DS gaming system is five years old, but it remains one of the most popular hand-held gaming systems in the world, with Japan announcing it will be giving elementary students Nintendo DS systems to use in the classroom. If the original Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi is not quite enough for you, though, Nintendo will be releasing the DSi XL in the next few days and has announced the Nintendo 3DS — a 3D Nintendo DS to be released in Japan next year and around the world later. Will the Nintendo 3DS be worth getting quick personal loans to purchase?

The Nintendo DSi XL

On March 28, Nintendo will be releasing its DSi XL in the United States. Intended to build upon the DS and DSi’s success as more than simply a gaming platform, the DSi XL will include e-reader functions such as the “100 Classic Books” collection. The original Nintendo DS had a 3-inch screen, while the DSi has a 3.25-inch screen. The new Nintendo DSi XL will add almost a full inch to the screen, at 4.2 inches. There have been rumors that the DSi XL is being released in response to both requests from older gamers and to help combat the migration of users from the DS to their more multi-function smartphones.

Nintendo 3DS enters 3D gaming world

Just days before the release of the Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo has announced a 3DS platform. Built on the same chassis as the original Nintendo DS, the Nintendo 3DS will present a 3D viewing and gaming environment without the need for 3D glasses.The Nintendo press release says we can expect the Nintendo 3DS to hit the market “within the next 12 months.” Tech and gaming enthusiasts who want more information will most likely be treated to a full preview of the Nintendo 3DS at the 2010 Electronic Entertainment Expo in June.

What technology will the Nintendo 3DS use?

The biggest question about the Nintendo 3DS is what kind of 3-D technology it will use. Glasses-free 3D technology has been under development for years, but runs into several problems. There are screen overlays that do the work of 3d glasses, providing a slightly different viewing angle for each eye. However, if you move away from the single spot where those two images converge, the images split. This means that viewing the 3D effect from multiple angles, or in the mobile situations that the Nintendo DS is intended for could be difficult. One rumor is that Nintendo is developing a unique head-tracking software that will adjust the 3D effect to match the movements of the user’s eyes. Nintendo company, however, has kept the design, specific release date, and price quiet thus far.

Will the 3DS be backwards compatible?

If you already have and love your DS or DSi, the Nintendo DSi XL and Nintendo 3DS both promise to be backwards-compatible. That means you won’t have to ask payday loan lenders for a hand just to re-buy all of your old games. Instead, the backwards compatibility means you can play games that work on your DS or DSi on the DSi XL and 3DS. However, on the 3Ds, it could mean that your old games won’t make use of the 3-D effect – instead, the screen will most likely display the images from old games “flat” while new games will display in 3-D.


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