Old problem, new recall for Honda Accords, Civics and Elements

Honda makes the recall lists again, millions recalled. CC by Rennett Stowe/Flickr

More than 1.4 million Honda cars have been recalled already over a shift interlock problem. Today, a new Honda recall was announced for the very same problem. Some 2003 Accords, 2003 Civics and a few Honda Elements are incorporated in this recall.

The 2010 Honda recall based on shift interlock

The impetus for the new Honda recall, as well as the 2003 and 2005 recalls, is the shift interlock system. The shift interlock is the system that prevents the key from being removed if the shifter is not in park. This can lead to the automobile rolling away, which can cause accidents. So far 17 separate accidents have been attributed to this malfunction. Usually, this problem happens when the key is removed and park is not fully engaged.

Honda recall because of NHTSA investigation

The shift interlock problem caused the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to open an investigation into Honda. In late 2009, the NHTSA upgraded its investigation from “recall query” to “engineering analysis” – a more severe rating. The NHTSA is also evaluating how quickly Honda is handling recalls. If Honda is found to have not responded “promptly, truthfully and completely” to recall-worthy issues, the company could face civil fines. The NHTSA is also investigating a 2009 incident where Honda “expanded” a recall relating to “unusual” air bag deployments on 443,900 cars.

Vehicles that are involved in the 2010 Honda recall

In September of 2010, the full list of autos that have been recalled can be released. There will be about 197,000 Honda Accords, 117,000 Civics and 69,000 Elements involved in this recall. Previous recalls for the same issue have covered the 1998-2002 Accord, 1999 Odyssey, 1999-2000 Acura TL, 1997-99 Acura CL and 1997-2001 Prelude. Owners of the affected autos are asked to take their cars to a Honda dealer as soon as they receive notification that their car is involved within the Honda recall. Owners are asked to call 1-800-999-1009 or visit recalls.honda.com to get more details about the recall.