Navy Advancement and NKO | Find Navy Advancement results


Advancing in the Navy means performing well on the Navy Advancement exam, among other things. Image from Flickr.

The Navy Advancement exam and Navy Advancement results are a time of excitement and stress for many Navy Recruits. Navy Advancement results are made available on NKO – Navy Knowlege Online. In determining who should advance in the Navy, the Navy Advancement results are used to “differentiate among fully qualified candidates.”

Navy Advancement exam

The Navy Advancement Exam is a 200 question test used to determine knowledge and understanding. Used for E-4 to E-7 ranks, this test questions sailors on everything from Navy Occupational Standards to Professional Military Knowledge. The military does not provide specific classes for Navy Advancement – instead, it expects sailors to study on their own. Performing well on the Navy Advancement exam is one important step in moving up the ladder, increasing pay and reducing the need for payday loans.

Studying for the Navy Advancement Exam

Just because sailors are expected to be self-motivated on the Navy Advancement exam does not mean there is not help. There are courses, including Nonresident Training Courses that help sailors study for Navy Advancement. There are also downloadable bibliographies (known as “bibs”) that can be used to study. All in all, the Navy Advancement exam is set up to be challenging, but not impossible.

Navy Advancement Results at NKO

The NKO — or Navy Knowledge Online service — is a servicemember-only website where Navy Advancement results are posted. You can log into the NKO with your CAC information. If you are a family member or friend of a sailor, you will not be able to check the Navy Advancement results directly on the NKO, no matter how curious you may be.

Pay after Navy Advancement

Of course, one of the best things about acing Navy Advancement results is the possibility of a promotion within the Navy. Promotions mean higher pay as well as more responsibility. An E-4 to E-5 rank promotion means an additional $200 each payday. Each year, the military is granted a cost-of-living increase in pay. In 2010, this increase amounted to almost 3.5 percent.