National Popcorn Day is Tuesday, January 19

Stay on the scene like a popcorn machine

Do the National Popcorn Day, Mother Popcorn!

“Sometimes, sometimes I feel low
Sometimes I’m feelin’ low
I call another brother, talkin’ about Maceo
Maceo, blow your horn… I don’t want no trash, huh
Give me some popcorn!”   – James Brown, “Mother Popcorn”

When it comes to healthy snack alternatives, you can’t go wrong with popcorn. As the Godfather of Soul wailed, he don’t want no trash. That’s why most everyone who can stand some shell in the teeth and is willing to shake that salt is down for popcorn. It’s cheap, too; you won’t need payday loans to float this goodtime snack food habit, unlike gourmet potato chips (the only kind of potato chips worth eating, in my estimation). Think about doing the popcorn on National Popcorn Day, why don’t you?

Some say it falls on January 19, 2010

At least we know that it falls at the end of January. Close counts in more than just horseshoes and hand grenades when popcorn is involved. Even if it does technically fall on the date of the Super Bowl, so what? Let’s make two popcorn holidays! If that blows your mind, take out payday loans for therapy. Even the Popcorn Board doesn’t know the exact date, so I figure you should follow your heart.

But football watchers eat lots of popcorn

Yes, that’s true. We’re talking millions of people watching the Super Bowl, and popcorn will be invited to the party. So celebrate it on that date if you like. I’ll take Tuesday, January 19. But if you know for a fact – scientific fact, mind you –  that National Popcorn Day falls on another date and you know the arcane origins of the cornfest, let the Popcorn Board know.

Hot to pop? Here are some tips

You can slather it in butter, shake and salt it up, or even blast it with caramel and cheese. I’m more of a traditionalist, although I don’t mind venturing off the beaten path now and again. The Popcorn Board has some fun tips to put the groove in your National Popcorn Day. Some highlights:

  • Put it on your soup or salad!
  • Rock the garlic powder and/or season salt!
  • If you’re kickin’ your cookin’ old school, spike the oil with spices!
  • Hit the trail with a mix of popcorn, dried fruits and nuts!

Happy National Popcorn day from your payday loans source, Personal Money Store!

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