Today is National Penguin Awareness Day, warmbodies

Celebrating squatty swiftness

Today, January 20, is National Penguin Awareness Day. What will you do to amuse this little penguin?

Of all Batman’s foes, none are as droll and umbrella-obsessed as the Penguin. His manner and hardware have nothing to do with the name, however. The man is short, squatty and loves to eat sardines like the Arctic creatures we know and love. Imagine Burgess Meredith, fresh from the 1960s “Batman” TV show. Today, he’d be squawking like crazy. Why? Does he need payday loans for a new umbrella flamethrower? No, it’s National Penguin Awareness Day!

The animal, not the master criminal

Much like yesterday’s National Popcorn Day, the exact date for National Penguin Awareness Day is a matter of some debate. Anywhere between January 13 and 20 – some say August – has been named as the target date. But sources like the Edinburgh Zoo (See: and the ASPCA, both of whom know a thing or two about animals, appear more authoritative than others.

What should you do to celebrate?

Wear a tuxedo all day. Dress your children as penguins and feed them sardines. Or don’t. Kids get sick enough already. A real activity would be to go to the local zoo or aquarium where you can observe the real thing in action. If you happen to be an Antarctic research scientist, simply go outside. Whatever the case, marvel at these well-insulated animals that travel as far as 70 miles to reproduce in the same place they were born and prove the old adage that “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Honor popular penguins

Yes, pop culture is loaded with penguins, so make your National Penguin Awareness Day merry with movies and more.  Learn more about penguins online. Perform a Linux installation. Since you’re saving over Windows or Mac (saving you the need for payday loans), you’ll have enough money to fill the gas tank. What to do next? Why not go to the library and read about penguins. There are no limits to your National Penguin Awareness Day. That’s as it should be.

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