Moscow subway explosion | Chechnya separatists suspected

Moscow metro station

The Moscow subway system has the second-highest ridership in the world, second only to Toyko. Image from Flickr.

This morning, two subway stations were rocked with bomb blasts in the Moscow subway explosion. Just before 8 a.m., a female suicide bomber detonated her explosive belt in the Lubyanka subway station. Forty minutes later, a bomber detonated her explosives at Park Kultry station, which is on the same Moscow subway line. Militant separatists from Chechnya, some known as the “black widow bombers,” are suspected. Moscow police are using military payday loans to investigate the dual explosions.

Moscow subway explosion injures dozens

The casualty reports for the Moscow subway explosion are still coming in. Most news sources are reporting about 38 individuals dead and another 65 injured, at least 30 seriously. The first Moscow metro explosion occurred just before 8 a.m. local time, at the Lubyanka subway station that is directly below the Moscow intelligence headquarters. The second Moscow subway explosion occurred 40 minutes later, at a subway station on the same red line, but several miles away.

Chechen ‘black widow’ bombers blamed for Moscow subway explosion

Most reports from the FSB (the Russian security agency) are laying blame for the Moscow subway explosion at the feet of North Caucasus rebel groups. The North Caucasus region was, at one point, an independent nation. However, it is now considered a Russian federal subject. While he has not claimed responsibility, Doku Umarov, the leader of the biggest Chechen rebel group, stated on Feb. 15 that there would be a “fresh campaign of terror on Russian soil.” It is suspected that the suicide bombers were all female and members of the “black widow” group of extreme Chechnya separatists.

Moscow subway explosion spurs heightened security

In metro stations and subway stations around the world, security was on high alert today. In Tokyo, the only subway system with higher ridership than Moscow, extra security patrols were on-hand. In London, police were doing sweeps with bomb-sniffing dogs. New York City, already on edge because of Najibullah Zazi entered a guilty plea to planning a subway bomb attack, also had bomb-sniffing dogs and extra police patrols. Washington, D.C., continued with the heightened security that was already on-hand for a planned mass transit disaster drill. New York City is planning to send one investigator with an expense credit card to Moscow to study the Moscow subway explosion.

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