Morehouse College New Dress Code Policy Stirs Controversy

Morehouse College

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Morehouse College is an historically black college in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Wikipedia, it is one of four remaining traditional men’s colleges in the United States. Like any other college, it’s a place for learning and future leadership preparation. Ambitious individuals from across the nation have secured personal loans just for a chance to attend Morehouse College. So what’s all the big fuss about Morehouse College today?

The New Dress Code Policy

Morehouse College President Robert Franklin has issued a new dress code regulation and not everyone is finding it to their liking. The new policy bans caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues. Unless medical document is provided, sunglasses or “shades” will not be worn in classrooms or at any type of formal program. No pajamas or bare-footed chaps are allowed anywhere on campus grounds. And yes, not even those shiny glittering “grillz” are allowed anymore on campus regardless of whether they are permanent or detachable. Oh and did I forget to mention no “sagging”? Fellows, I suggest you seek some advice from the infamous Steve Urkel. I’m sure his sense of style will save you from the wrath of the “sagging” punishment.

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So the whole dress code deal sounds rather fair to me. I mean, we live in a corporate world that requires we walk, talk, and sometimes even act a certain way. I doubt anyone who walks in with saggy clothes and a mouth full of street talk will be able to land a decent job in the corporate world, or even get passed the front doors for that matter. It’s absolutely important that you dress to impress. It’s quite understandable if you asked me. However, there is one rule that is causing a lot of controversy, perhaps enough to leave the school in need of personal loans.

According to the Maroon Tiger, the Morehouse College Student Newspaper, the policy outlines 11 expectations, one of which states that there will be no wearing of clothing associated with women’s garb including dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, and anything else that associates with women’s attire.

Necessary or Overly Extreme?

A lot of students are finding this new dress code policy a pure shame and an embarrassment to the school and their fellow school mates.

“I’d hope that if a kid shows up to his interview with a 1580, great leadership and a real interest in the college, that he wouldn’t be turned away because he likes to wear lipstick on Saturdays,” says one blogger. “I must be missing something,” said Frank Leon Roberts, a well-known contributing writer to various newspapers and magazines. “Is there some kind of growing, critical mass of high-heel wearing, gold-tooth rockin’ boys threatening to take over the campus?”

It’s obvious this new Morehouse College dress code policy is stirring up quite a controversy. Of course, I’m sure there is at least one student who would rather secure personal loans for make-up and accessories than laptops and textbooks. But is the school taking it too far by asking their men to put away their lipsticks and high-heels? Was it necessary or overly extreme? What do you think?